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Are you practicing acceptance?

Acceptance is an art ~ a craft that you get really good at with practice. The life shifts that occur when you become an artist in the practice of acceptance are often unexpected, but always welcome. 184 more words

Living Consciously

Live Laugh Love

After meeting a wonderful client, I peacefully strolled towards the train station. Suddenly the words ‘laugh’ and ‘love’ popped into my head for no apparent reason. 132 more words

Prosperity for All– Not just the lucky, strong, or hard-working by Pixie Hamilton

“You are the owner of all that you perceive. But you can’t perceive apart from your vibration. Feel your way, little-by-little, into a greater sense of abundance by looking for the treasures that the Universe is offering you on a day-to-day basis.” ~  381 more words

Living Consciously

Anybody Home?

My heart begins to race, and with a fleeting breath, I squeeze a smile up and out.

This is the moment, the one my mindfulness practice has… 293 more words

Living Consciously

Feeling the Ease by Pixie Hamilton

I love the ease of my world.
I love knowing what I know about vibration and energy. I love my vibrational nature.
I love knowing that this life is all about frequency and energy and that I can focus on and manifest a feeling of well-being. 623 more words

Living Consciously

Intelligent Design--Or Not

I don’t know much about design, but I know what I like. Or more precisely, I know bad design when I try to use it. 548 more words

Living Consciously

The Search for Happiness via Hector

Yesterday, I used a free movie ticket and treated myself to Hector and the Search for Happiness. I don’t know about you, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve been looking for happiness.   837 more words