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Are you dating yourself yet? - A Return to Love

When I was newly separated and living without a significant other, I spent time alone when my children were spending time with their dad. In retrospect, I was dating myself. 416 more words

Living Consciously

Positive Affirmations Hypnosis Session

by Joseph Clough

Joseph Clough, Hay House author and hypnotherapist, has become my favorite go-to for meditations and hypnosis sessions.  Love, love, love this video and you can use it time and time again for any challenge in your life.   12 more words

Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

Worn out by Trying to Control Life?

As I awaken more deeply into the art of manifestation and abundance, I realize the value of letting go of trying to control outcomes. My method of actualizing what I want happens in a much more magical and fun way! 277 more words

Living Consciously

Real questions & real answers

“Questions are infinitely more interesting that answers; you can get any number of answers from just one question…” (Liz Rosales)

Here’s a link to the questions Christina Salerno of Living Quirky asked yours truly… 31 more words

"Grow or Go" - Laurel's "Fight or Flight" System

Your fight or flight instinct keeps you safe. It’s one of the inherent inner mechanisms of human intelligence. It works like this. If you perceive you are in danger, either fight or flee the situation to survive. 490 more words

Living Consciously

How often do you swear? Do you judge others?

Are you using your voice wisely and effectively? If you knew that you were creating your current reality through the words that you utter each moment, would you pay closer attention to what escapes your lips? 391 more words

Living Consciously

False Dichotomy by Pixie Hamilton

I hope you enjoy this writing as much as I do. It’s written by Pixie Hamilton, a dedicated practitioner of meditation. She sent it along to some friends (including me) and I asked if she was willing to share it more publicly. 923 more words

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