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Going to the Nations

I am in awe of God and all of His creations.

Having been back in the states for five days already I am amazed that I still feel as if my heart lingers in Burkina Faso. 312 more words

O King, Your Wish is My Command!

Today’s reading is 1 Chronicles 11-15.

“‘And David said longingly, ‘Oh that someone would give me water to drink from the well of Bethlehem that is by the gate!’ Then the three mighty men broke through the camp of the Philistines and drew water out of the well of Bethlehem that was by the gate and took and brought it to David” (1 Chronicles 11:17-18, ESV). 146 more words


Behold Our Passover Lamb

It’s Passover!
All day today there has been a heavenly excitement, a divine expectation, a holy anticipation for Passover. To be honest, this level of excitement has never happened to me before but through out today every fiber of my being has been in a happy tension of joy over Passover tomorrow 04/15/14. 528 more words


When all seems hopeless and you feel like a freak

“That’s a lofty dream.” My Grandmother nearly whispered it, almost hesitant, I think somewhat saddened by what she’d say next. “Just remember. You’re only one person and it’s hard to change the world.” 636 more words


Season of Singleness


It is important even right now to be praying for your future husband. I am not talking about a frivolous prayer when you are feeling lonely or have made a mistake, surely God accepts those as well, I am speaking of specific and consistent prayers. 414 more words

Godly Women

Our need of taking God seriously

The link below should take you to a short video by JI Packer on everyone’s need of taking God seriously:

Who is JI Packer?

James Innell (JI) Packer is a British-born Canadian Christian theologian in the low church Anglican and Reformed traditions. 156 more words

JI Packer

The Art of Spontaneity with my Bestfriend: How to Move With the Holy Spirit

If I where asked to summarize my Bestfriend in one sentence I would say this: HE is a genius at everything and HE is always happy to help anyone with anything. 794 more words