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I shared great ways to reuse rather than toss over on The DC Ladies earlier this week.

For Your Information

NE Indiana conservancy buys 44 acres along lake

SYRACUSE, Ind. (AP) — A northeastern Indiana conservancy group has purchased more than 44 acres of lakefront property and wetlands that will be protected for future generations. 98 more words


The Sedentaries


Get On Up

Something’s been happening and I couldn’t figure out whether it was systemic or localized until now. I call it weight creep, as if putting a label on it makes it easier to deal with, even when I know that ’s not the case. 1,585 more words


Tick Slap Tock Chop Warble: ID'ing bats in the field

What are you lot doing? Are there really bats in this park!? Are you serious? Oh god where’s my dog!

Bats often conjure ideas of blood sucking parasites, evil night flying creatures, squealing blindly and getting caught in your hair.

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Living Green: Vegetarianism & Variety

Vegetarianism is no longer the obscure lifestyle choice it used to be 10, 15 or even 20 years ago. With campaigns such as Meatless Monday… 387 more words

Living Green

Grime off cabinet doors

I tried everything.

Scrubbing with:
Soap and water
Brillo pads
Brillo pads without soap
Goop off
Fine sand paper

Zero Waste

Green cleaning in KL, Malaysia

When I got married and moved out to my very own place, there was one thing I really wanted to do, and that was to clean my home without the use of harsh, toxic chemicals. 817 more words

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