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Readers answer the question: How has Ipswich changed?

I posted the following question to the I Love Ipswich and I Grew Up in Ipswich Facebook groups. The answers are pouring in. Additional comments can be posted at the end of this page. 2,203 more words


Barton Stone, end of an era?

I heard today that Barton Stone and Monuments on Brown Square, by far the oldest business in Ipswich, has closed.  A.J. Barton & Son Inc. was started in 1889 by August Barton Sr., and continued under his son Augustus Barton Jr.,  known as “Gus.”  Gordon Player, Phillip Lepage and Scott Kershaw have each owned the company in later years, and the company expanded into tile and granite countertop sales and services for all of New England. 483 more words


You've Been Drinking Your Coffee Wrong

Do you drink your coffee between 8am and 9am? You’re doing it wrong.

WITHOUT your morning coffee, your days just would never start. Coffee is the be all, start all … after all. 473 more words


"If you hate Comcast click your remote three times" Why Comcast is the worst company in America

The world’s largest broadcasting and cable company motto should be: If you do a thing, do it as badly as possible

By:  Lynn Stuart Parramore/ALTERNET… 445 more words


Casita for Rent!

Hey everyone – we are now accepting reservations for our fantastic Casita Nacascolo!  Hop on over to Air BnB to take a look: 23 more words


Gettin' away on the 'Pike

In the first half century of the automotive age, a weekend trip to the country for Boston folks often meant driving a few miles north on the Newburyport Turnpike and renting a cabin not too far from the shore. 20 more words


Kings Rook and Stonehenge Club: when Ipswich rocked!

Just beyond the Choate bridge on South Main Street was a funky building put together from pieces of other buildings by an antiques dealer named Ralph Burnham early in the 20th Century. 237 more words