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Mashiko Pottery Festival

Last weekend, I went on a little adventure with my friend to a town three hours north called Mashiko. Every year, twice a year actually, they hold a massive pottery festival. 371 more words

Living Here

Dick without Jane

By CityFella

Dick without Jane, is Just Dick.

Dick sat in front of me in 32D. The flight from Philadelphia to Phoenix was over four hours.   182 more words


I Am Your Bitch

I’ve walked pass them for years……. The large message chairs you find in shopping malls.  The chairs,big black recliners have gone unnoticed for years.  Today with a couple of dollars in my pockets my tush took the cush on a test run. 122 more words


Clarity through calm

When I’m practicing yoga, sometimes I’m just doing it to say I did it, to get on my mat and knock out the 60 minutes so I feel a little better about my day. 262 more words

Living Here

How police brutality changed me: “He crushed his knee into my neck. I could hardly breathe”

By Jessie Sholl/Salon

I was on the ground before I knew it, knee to my neck. But in an age of social media, would it have even happened? 1,211 more words


Let's try this again...

I’ve been in Japan for 18 months now. I told myself I would start a blog to document my time here. Huge fail on my part! 562 more words

Living Here

Living Here


Living here in the cream

of the Milky Way

in a solar system

perched awkwardly

in an outer band

spun out into space – 46 more words