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Gettin' away on the 'Pike

In the first half century of the automotive age, a weekend trip to the country for Boston folks often meant driving a few miles north on the Newburyport Turnpike and renting a cabin not too far from the shore. 20 more words


Kings Rook and Stonehenge Club: when Ipswich rocked!

Just beyond the Choate bridge on South Main Street was a funky building put together from pieces of other buildings by an antiques dealer named Ralph Burnham early in the 20th Century. 237 more words


JetBlue will charge baggage fees.......

And soon there will be one ….

Jet Blue currently charges for a second suitcase but allows travelers to check one for free. The change, which would probably come sometime in 2015, would leave Southwest Airlines ( 45 more words


A Note on the Lions of Viterbo

It is related by the Viterbesi that when Hercules came through Italy during the course of the twelve difficult jobs given to him by King Eurystheus, he was wearing as armour the pelt of the Nemean Lion, his face looking through the visor of its jaws. 782 more words

Living Here

Fighting to Be American

Image credit:  AP Reuters via VOANews.com

BY: Jenny Lee/hyphen magazine com

Last year, my younger cousin joined the Army. On the day he left home for training, his dad called my dad, tearful and upset. 950 more words


South Africa: Kasi kleva and the township twinkletoes

My stereotypical mind suggested that, like many of the physically challenged, the little man must be a recluse with low self-esteem. How wrong I was. 449 more words


Avocado green? What car colors say about us

Bricklin SV-1’s were only available in high-visibility “safety colors” like this bright green.

Whether they be a reflection of tech trends or a general social atmosphere, car colors have changed with the times. 873 more words