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Waste not, Want not

The trash can looked like it had just projectile vomited all over the park pathway. Discarded McDonald’s packaging, bottles, plastic bags, left over meals, soiled napkins, broken toys, and used condoms covered the ground, leaving me no choice, but to jump over the mess like it was hot lava, and I’d surely die if I touched it. 714 more words


Transportation in Cuenca

Cuenca has a fabulous public transportation system.  You can go anywhere you want to go from anywhere you already are by bus or taxi.   When we first came to Cuenca to explore, three years ago, you could take a taxi anywhere in the city for $2.00.   1,671 more words


My last trip to Germany (2) - nostalgia or amnesia?

As I gingerly step onto the platform, my ears are instantly accosted by the roar of a busy train station. It feels like I was submerged in water and have now just come up for air. 1,202 more words

Laura Toops