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My Cultures Converge in Cumbria

I am in Cumbria experiencing a coming together of my two personal cultures whilst the Tour de France takes place in Britain, passing a few miles from where I am staying with friends when the riders traverse the daunting Buttertubs Pass in Yorkshire. 1,196 more words

Journeys Around Europe

I'm Not That Picky

It’s not a secret that quite a few things in this life bug, bother and baffle me. We’ve united in furytwice. But the other day, I was chopping up pickles for tuna sandwiches—and making absolutely certain to keep the butts (where the stem had been) out of the mix, for people who are particular about such things—when I realized that it really all balances out. 1,505 more words


Beast and beauty

Beast and beauty

Beast and beauty

living in harmony.

Under a bridge

in a


unknown city.

Walking throughout


always aware

of the distorted… 30 more words

Sacred Beekeeping at the Summer Solstice

As I’ve alluded to on this blog before, I started beekeeping this year.  I wanted to tell the story of that journey thus far, seeing as it is the Summer Solstice today, and share some insights on my process of sacred beekeeping! 1,650 more words

Living In Harmony