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Cold showers

Our boiler (for heating and hot water) is out for what must be at least the fifth time this year. Just in time for my parents visit, hurray! 30 more words


My country tis of thee

I heard a song on the radio tonight, a woman singing about “America,”  lamenting its propensity to become ever more unsatisfactory.   I cannot disagree with her criticism, yet maybe she is just too close to be able to appreciate its positive nuances.   799 more words

Gratefully Grateful *14*

So much to be grateful for this week.  Some lovely friends came to Italy for an action packed five-day visit.  We had so many interesting conversations, visits to the Design Week in the city, leisurely walks along the lake, delicious meals in restaurants (and cooked by my husband and kids) and even an impromptu jam session singing old Cindy Lauper songs in my living room.   155 more words


Location, Location, Location: Silk for the Feed Dogs by Jackie Mallon

Silk for the Feed Dogs, by Jackie Mallon  simply blew me away and I’ve been waiting with bated breath to be able to share Jackie’s guest post and my review of her book. 1,527 more words


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I'm happy to present a guest post I wrote for a lovely writer's website, Disappearing In Plain Sight, in which I try to capture the complicated, frustrating, intriguing city of Milan, who was such an important character in my novel. I hope you enjoy it.

Building Work

In case anyone thought we had slowed down on the building/renovation work over winter, they will be glad to hear that the pace has now picked up again. 379 more words

Living In Italy

Things Have To Be Destroyed Before They Can Be Rebuilt

I’m a firm believer in establishing boundaries. It’s a necessary evil since most people aren’t as altruistic as we’d all like them to be.  In order to have healthy relationships with ones partner, friends, or family it’s often required to lay down the mother-fuckin-law. 3,241 more words

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I haven't found the courage to start writing, maybe thats an excuse for not making time? In any case, this girl read my heart this morning as I walked into the office with my head hurting because of how much I had to scream in traffic (not a common act on my part) and the fact that Italians, as nice as they are, are straight up assholes on the road...choose a F***ING lane already! Phew, anyway...as I was saying, it's just nice to not feel alone in this expat journey. So thanks Misty!

Asparagus foraging

I’m back! Our plane got in yesterday from New York and I am still on a high from the trip; however, a couple of days before we left for our US adventure Shelly and I went wild asparagus foraging. 749 more words