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Gratefully Grateful *27*

Here I am, sitting at my computer and wondering how I can start the new year off here in this little space of mine.  A space that was pretty much neglected for a lot of 2014.   449 more words



Tuesday last week was the epiphany (also known as the final day of the Christmas markets) which is celebrated in Italy with Befana, an old witch who flies on a broomstick and delivers candy to Italian children (and to Matt!). 200 more words


Last day of the Holidays

This Christmas holiday seems to have passed in a flash. With one day left before George headed back to school and Martine and I returned to our list of priorities (yes we did take a short break, out of order I know) we decided to make the most of the blue skies and snow to head up the mountain with some friends.   188 more words

Living In Italy

The Italy No One Tells You About

When I metion to people that I live in Italy, their eyes fill with envious wonder and the next thing that spills out of their open jaw is usually something along the lines of “Is it just amazing?!” and in a split moment of selfishness I desparately want to scream “No, no it is frustrating and infuriating and fills me with anxiety until I think I am going to implode.” But in order to avoid a long winded conversation explaining why living in Italy isn’t the fantasy people believe it to be, I politely smile and say “Yes, it is beatuiful and a wonderful experience and I am so grateful to be living where I do”. 945 more words

Happy (Late) New Year! What I've Learned

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Are you guys having the best time EVER!?

This year has been crazy. I feel more like myself than I have in a long while. 1,824 more words


Coffee & Reflections: Ciao 2014!

Well, hello friends. I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday season with friends and family. Christmas has come and gone, but my beautifully lit tree still stands, proving us with warmth and cheer, reminding us that the holidays are not quite over (which I’m actually happy about). 867 more words


If This Was In Naples It Would Be Full Of Shit

“I have to put this on Facebook! The Grand Canyon is amazing!” My FIL is obsessed with FB. He’s been carefully planning every post to “make my friends jealous.” Naturally. 1,322 more words