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Making Mixed Babies: Ranting About The Obvious Difficulties Of Raising Multicultural Children

I don’t have children. If you would have asked me if I wanted them in my twenties I would hissed at you, covered my vagina, and ran screaming in the other direction. 1,276 more words


On a lazy Sunday

Last week I worked my first 40+ hour week in what must be … I don’t know, rather a long time. Because my last full time job wasn’t a 40 weeker, let’s all stay late, kind of place. 280 more words

Daily Life

Autumn days and autumn nights

Something tells me that Matt and I haven’t managed to shake off the experience of our student flatting days in Wellington. That something would be that, despite the sudden and rapid drop in temperature here, we are (surely) among the only households in Rovereto yet to turn on the heating. 143 more words


A surprise date with Marc Chagall in Milan

Marc Chagall – Una Retrospettiva 1908-1985, is a surprise date I just had in Milan this Monday.

I meant to see the show of Van Gogh in Plazzo Reale of Duomo Square. 480 more words

My Hobbies

Dog Boarding, Adoption, And Dog Parks In Florence, Italy

I’ve written about Oliver, my poodle, a number of times on this blog. Most of you know him as the neurotic, adorable, asshole that he’s matured into over the years. 2,497 more words

Living In Italy

Tour Of Volcar Spa

For those of my friends and family who are really into fashion this was a treat of a visit. Volcar is where they make the material and knits for famous designers. 92 more words