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I See My Father

The other morning I was startled when my father’s eyes peered into mine.  He hadn’t made an appearance since my sighting of him in Belize.  That day he arrived in a big old Chrysler – driving right up the beach – got out of the car and looked up at me sitting on the balcony staring at the sea. 730 more words

Any Day In Pontelandolfo


Well, as August ends, Italians are returning to work from their vacations (vacanze). Most Italians do not travel outside the borders of their country. It may seem that has been happening more often with the poor economy, but honestly, it’s always been that way for most Italians. 1,219 more words


Zucchine Sono Arrivate! Ricetta 2

Everyday it seems there is a mysterious bag, basket or pile of zucchini (zucchine in Italian) by my door.  These things must multiply like…..   Wait – you already heard this!   512 more words

Any Day In Pontelandolfo

Feeding children in Italy

I read a lot of food blogs, both the recipe ones that inspire me to try something new, or simply trigger my drool reflex, and the real food / traditional food ones that inspire me to eat better, treat my body better, and make better, simpler choices for my family. 598 more words

The Difference Between Stereotypes And Cultural Characteristics

I’ll be the first person to admit that when you live abroad it can be pretty difficult to be fair and avoid putting people into one large category. 1,507 more words


Festa Di San Donato - Day EIGHT!!!!

Jack and I crawled into bed sometime in the morning after the Festa di San Donato came to a bombastic end with fire works filing the summer night with color and boom ba da boom. 1,130 more words

Any Day In Pontelandolfo

Gratefully Grateful *23*

Here I am sitting in my living room and catching my breath after a whirlwind summer road trip with my family.  Emphasis being on road… 262 more words