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Your Success is Now

Take Advantage of Now

To live in the now is to take advantage of the now. You don’t have to get super spiritual or sit still in the middle of the forest, just realize that now is the only opportunity that you have and you should take advantage of it. 250 more words


The Hawk

Naturally I had to return to this post, which I had started to write back in May when the kids were still in school. The hawk paid another visit to our home today, moments before my daughter boarded the bus for her fist day of middle school. 314 more words

Animal Messengers

Create From Moment To Moment

The one and only way to be.

I create my experience of life from moment to moment. It doesn’t matter what my circumstances are or whether I’m alone or in company. 98 more words


Beep Beep Boop

So as seems to keep happening in this world, at least in my world, things keep changing.

I mean, I just found out that “Mystery Science Theater 3000″ is still out there, only the newer ones are different. 362 more words


Thinking is just the mind
A tool to be used when needed
Not going to hate or punish myself for thoughts again
I love myself… 139 more words


3 Simple Steps for Reducing Stress at Work

Would you like to feel more alive, clear-headed and peaceful at work?  That translates into making better decisions, improving relationships, increasing confidence and benefiting from emotional and mental clarity. 170 more words


Holy Nectar

Living in the Divine connection becomes a part of our being once we have tasted the ‘holy nectar.’ It becomes so much a part of us that at any moment there is a distraction or a temptation, we KNOW it.

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