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25th Sunday Ordinary Time 2014

Gospel Reflection for the 25th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A – September 21st 2014

Full scripture for this Sunday is available on our parish website.  674 more words

Gospel Reflection

Why I'm Grateful

Listen y’all…I don’t egoistically believe that my life is perfect. I don’t think that I’m the best at anything or that I know more than anyone. 987 more words

Has been's, might be's, and the right now's

Whatever has happened has happened.  The past cannot be changed. What’s done is done.  That part of your story has been written.

Whatever will happen will happen.   1,522 more words


Wherever you go, there you are

‘ “I live in the third cloudiest city in the world,” the young man said to his travel companions, sparking a lengthy discussion. …It would have been an innocuous conversation in, say, a New York apartment on a gloomy day. 358 more words

The future is now

Tomorrow is a mythical land where 97% of all of our things get done. I read that somewhere.  Hold on, let me find that… Okay, got it a little wrong, but there we go. 800 more words

Daily Prompt

Stopping The Mind

Amongst people that believe they are not their own minds, there is the idea of no mind which, to them, means being in a state where they are completely free from their minds because the mind is completely quiet. 927 more words


52 Weeks Begin Now: Week Forty-Two: Waiting for Grace

The Waiting Room:  I remember this quote from the movie Shadowlands where Anthony Hopkins speaks to his colleague about his difficulty with waiting for a new season.  1,688 more words