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Rewriting The Story of More

This month I had to choose between my life and my livelihood.

The details don’t matter anymore, but in the end I had to choose between keeping a job that would require me to work 50 to 60 hours a week or losing that job. 589 more words


Right here. Right now.

The baby swing in the back yard sways in the breeze. I notice Ammu and Pattu in my peripheral vision trying to dislodge a ‘popsicle’ from the faucet on the outside of the house. 454 more words


The lens of life

The glass is half full

We all look at life through a different lens; the eyes see what they want to see, the ears hear what they want to hear but just like a photographer can change the lens to get a better shot, so can we.  1,138 more words

Follow Your Dreams

Haste makes waste

The daily prompt gives us this tidbit: “Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want? 661 more words

Daily Stuffs

Sand grain

It doesn’t worry. It surrenders. Whether it bathes in the cerulean, foamy ocean wave, or is resting, glittering among others on the sunny, golden beach, it cascades through life, easily adapting to each situation. 9 more words