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My Journey with Parkinson's ... A Natural Approach: Post 102 ... The Ultimate Challenge!

Living in the present moment, according to Buddhist teaching, is the key to experiencing peace, love and joy!  However, living in the present moment when experiencing the collective of symptoms the medical establishment defines as Parkinson’s is a significant challenge. 380 more words


Preparing My Mind To Greet The Day

Today I woke up with my mind in a tangled mess.  I felt I had so much to think about, so much to plan for…so much to worry about!   393 more words


Living one day at a time

So I had a good lesson last week in living in the present moment and not trying to rush ahead with life – my usual tactic- when my scheduled post only to have it disappear into cyber space.  387 more words

Bach Flower Remedies

My Journey with Parkinson's ... A Natural Approach: Post 96 ... Look Up and Enjoy the Journey!

Feelin’ stronger every day
(You know I’m alright now)

Chicago – Feeling Stronger Every Day

I am writing this blog today mostly for myself. I need a pep talk! 424 more words


My Journey with Parkinson's ... A Natural Approach: Post 95 ... Ego, Fear and Parkinson's

Fear, in part, causes Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s, in part, causes fear. At the center of this circular dance, is ego , holding onto and feeding off the fear, injecting negative thoughts and exacerbating symptoms. 570 more words


Staying Present

How often do we allow the past to interfere with the present. Something that happened two days, two years or twenty years ago continues to play over & over in our mind. 525 more words


The Rewards of Letting Your Inner Child out to Play...

“One of the virtues of being very young is that you don’t let the facts get in the way of your imagination.”  ~ Sam Levenson…

863 more words