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Living in the Now Will Set You Free

For the past several weeks I’ve been really studying being more in the present moment also known as the now. Years ago I came across the book… 419 more words

Law Of Attraction

My Journey with Parkinson's ... A Natural Approach: Post 59 ... The serenity of morning time!

I really enjoy lying in bed first thing in the morning. It is my sanctuary time. The time of day when there is no trembling, no shuffle walking, no dealing with loss of balance and no issues with loss of mobility and dexterity . 270 more words


My Journey with Parkinson's ... A Natural Approach: Post 58 ... Experiencing Peace with Parkinson's!

In the first book I wrote, The History Teacher, I talked about what I believe, deep down, people really want; peace, love and joy. But it is hard to experience peace when you’re living with a chronic health condition. 345 more words


Restlessness Tamed

It stirs within me.

The restless need for something. 

The desire for the chains to be broken and my spirit to be free. 

I scan through my mental data bank… 138 more words

0 - The Fool's Journey

I had a realization after getting a parking ticket last night that there’s another component to the Fool Tarot Card.  Admittedly, I pull this card from time to time ;)  I don’t seem to care much for feeling grounded or maybe I don’t understand the joy of it yet.  252 more words


What's Hard About Living in the Present: Part 2

Today is Saturday, March 1, 2014

On January 29, I wrote a blog post about living in the present. At the end of the post, I said that I was going to try to do a mantra:  “It’s today.  664 more words