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Having not learnt my lesson from subjecting myself to really loud music on Monday evening, I’ve found a band who are brilliantly loud and sound like everything I want in a band. 690 more words

The love of money

What is the point if you make $80K a year if you are miserable? If you find yourself drinking all the time to escape then your money means nothing. 202 more words


hOMe Is Where the Heart Is...

In my wanderings researching everything I can lay sight on concerning this incredible movement toward a more rational, simpler, environmentally sound and financially liberating life style I recently discovered Gabriella and Andrew Morrison the creators of… 202 more words

Random Musings

In the Zone!

I’m lucky if I get to sit and formulate any of my own thoughts in a day, and I’m even luckier if I actually remember them. 1,203 more words

From Jamie

An Eventful Month

So… Guess who got married.


What was my last post about, passion right? Well getting married is very much a passionate affair – to declare till the end to be each others is like the ultimate promise. 496 more words