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5 Brothers and One of Their Million Sisters: My Journey to Block Vegas Part 2

Aw Fuck Yeah. I believe those words literally pass through my lips after I read that headline: New Kids on the Block Announce 4-Day Engagement in Las Vegas. 1,403 more words

After Dark

Dear Cartoons,

Will I ever get too old for you?

I hope not.

I still find such great pleasure in your childish delight with tinges of adult sarcasm. 176 more words


Ladies, How Do You Define Your Personal Brand?

By Tamara Hartley, Guest Blogger

 In the business world, a brand is a promise to consistently deliver a product, service, quality or experience. Ask any woman about her preferred clothing brands and she can most likely rattle off a list of her favorite purse, shoe and fashion designers and tell you very quickly why she loves a particular brand. 659 more words

Living Life

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 31 (Weird quirk of mine)


So sad but it’s time. Quirk time:

- I hate sleeping barefoot

- I love chewing on soft silicone things… 34 more words

Living Life

Stratford Caldecott: Go With God

My latest for Catholic Exchange is a sort of goodbye and remembrance of Stratford Caldecott. Keep he and his family in your prayers.

Goodbye, Stratford, thank you for all the great conversations and good words of wisdom. 82 more words


Attitude of Gratitude!

This weekend, my daughter and I talked about the different ways people look at life. We both agreed, those who have an attitude of gratitude are people who are much more pleasant to be around and elude a much more uplifting persona. 141 more words

Things To Ponder....


Mornings are always the worst unless I can remind myself of something good that is planned. Today nothing feels exciting but I received an email motivator from a friend that says, “See today as an opportunity for adventure, and make that adventure happen. 322 more words

Living Life