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How To Save Money Part 2

Right now, for us, our bills are very few.

We don’t have a rent or mortgage, our house and land is completely paid for.

We don’t have car payments, our car is completely paid for. 3,063 more words


How To Save Money

First of all, a bit of a disclaimer, this is not your average “how to save a buck” faux frugality article. This is extreme frugality or, better yet, what I have personally termed “practical frugality” that takes into account both the short term and long term scope of not only living within one’s means in the present but gradually over time reducing one’s need for money overall. 4,042 more words


Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all smallholders, no matter what day of the year it is, who are out tending to their animals and land!!

Wishing you all a prosperous 2015!

Bantam Chickens

Uncorked and hankering for a simpler time

Don’t point that at me, point it at the ceiling – that thing can easily take an eye out!

Never sit across from someone about to uncork a champagne bottle. 628 more words

Sand covering not worked well!

Have tried the sand covering for the Chickens and this did not prove successful.

Harboured food and poo and increased the smell!!

Sawdust now being used and they love it!

Bantam Chickens

New Bantam Purchased!

Another Bantam purchased called Tina!

Hillary is a little miffed at the new arrival and dominance pecking has begun!

Bill very pleased to have two hen birds inhabiting his pad!!

Bantam Chickens