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How I Start A New Garden

For every year of my married adult life my husband and I have had a garden.  Even when we first got married and lived in an apartment, we… 988 more words


In the beginning...

Hello,  My name is Dawn and I’m a single woman in my mid-40’s who purchased a piece of land a year ago. It’s not a lot, slightly less than an acre.  422 more words

Building Debt Free

Thoughts - 7-16-14

Having your water shut off for an entire day (long story) really brings things into perspective. It drives home how woefully unprepared you actually are for rougher living no matter how much you romanticize it. 29 more words


Gone fishin'!

Fun times ahead

Today, instead of writing, I’m packing for our trip to the river to go fishing. This is no ordinary camping/fishing trip, for a number of reasons. 395 more words


These last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of summer fun. In a bittersweet way that means lots of adventures and little time to write about them. 430 more words

Goûteux / Flavorful

Leaving society

So I was having this convo with my partner yesterday. Or rather, he was having a convo with me, which usually means he is talking and dismissing my questions as “overcomplicating it”. 952 more words