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Don’t point that at me, point it at the ceiling – that thing can easily take an eye out!

Never sit across from someone about to uncork a champagne bottle. 628 more words

Sand covering not worked well!

Have tried the sand covering for the Chickens and this did not prove successful.

Harboured food and poo and increased the smell!!

Sawdust now being used and they love it!

Bantam Chickens

New Bantam Purchased!

Another Bantam purchased called Tina!

Hillary is a little miffed at the new arrival and dominance pecking has begun!

Bill very pleased to have two hen birds inhabiting his pad!!

Bantam Chickens

I Miss Recess

This post is dedicated to my Dad who reads them all and asked for a “short one” since he has a busy week at work. This one’s for you, Dad! 504 more words

Land for sale/rent

Been looking at land for sale or rent but have been advised that land is currently at its peak price wise.

If anyone knows of any good websites that I can browse I would really like to hear about them.

Bantam Chickens

When a hen is a cock!

Well it appears that Maggie is a cockerel!

Her cock-a-doodle-dooing is very impressive however!!

I think a name change is in order!

Bantam Chickens

Samhain - Suburbanites returning to the land.

When they asked me if we’d be alright without a TV, I just laughed. I can’t stand those things.

Nothing beats the sound of this rain on the metal roof, anyway. 266 more words