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This past week I had an accident: while chopping vegetables I cut off a piece of my finger.

I had to sleep in a different position so that my husband or I don’t hurt my finger while sleeping and of course I woke up with other aches and pains because my body was not use to the new development having to go into protection mode. 538 more words

Living On Purpose

Looking back

Sometimes we need to look back so we can see where we are going. Although it sounds like a contrary statement, it is something we all do quite naturally. 712 more words


When you have lost your purpose

There are have several days lately when i have felt all adrift, on a raft on a churning see with no oars to guide me. Then through the waves and the dark clouds come the bright shafts of sunlight and i turn my face skywards and i remember that i do have a purpose, a reason to be here. 799 more words


Healthy Habits = Healthy Kids

We have a lot of different sayings at our house, things we repeat over and over to help us create healthy habits + remind us to make good choices + to help me talk to my kids about hard things; I call these our mottos, mantras and messages. 435 more words


so many of us

there is a hefty risk involved with letting go. it becomes necessary to weigh the risks of the price of letting go against the price of holding on. 30 more words

Stage 2 Recovery

Learn from Noah

Yea the little guy in the boat! A friend put this on Fb and i thought i would share it here too as i love it and it’s so true.


The Trees Know

Yes they do!

Even though the sun is still shining, most days and i have this need to be outside in the nearby park in the fresh air, the trees know that autumn is on its way. 134 more words