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Musical Muse Monday (Post!)

Living a Life Worth it.

(Song: OneRepublic – Counting Stars)

I made it to the top of the mountain – the peak, and I closed my eyes, filling up my lungs with the clean fresh air. 646 more words


Life on the Edge

As I (Pete) have been wrestling with the vision that God is providing for The Edge Church, I have observed some sizable challenges we have faced as a family. 564 more words

Aerosmith On Devil Whirl

OMG – heard this song (see below) on the old ipod I have with songs the former sister put on it. I’ll bold the lines that stood out to me, but really the whole thing makes me feel like artists, meaning musicians I hear radomly, they know something’s up. 529 more words

Human Potential

Picture this!

Redwood Trees


Day Dreamer at Yosemite

Bike trail cliffs of Moher

Climber in South Africa



Camp at Yosemite

Cliff camping

Living on the Edge

Trolltunga Rock Norway

Tryon Park

Digest These Pictures

The Edge

I’ve always believed this philosophy my whole life. And now it belongs in my life more than ever. It takes being on the edge to gain the perspective that you need after a time of crisis. 150 more words

Summer Füd - Part 1

Lucky for me, my restoration to balanced health has led to a renewed appreciation for delicious, home made food .. just in time for summer!  And what a glorious summer it has been.  229 more words

Living On The Edge

Coping with loss

We lost a child in our community this week. It was tragic and sad, and the ripple effects are just beginning to be felt. Her memorial service was held yesterday. 511 more words

Living On The Edge