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Photo 101: edge

Living on the edge can be dangerous, especially if someone is pushing you!


living on the edge

Photo of the Day | Photography 101 Edge

Jake is a year older and weighs twice what Charlie does.

If Jake wasn’t the sweetest guy around, Charlie would have been shaken dead by now.

Edgy enough for ya? ;)



Living On The Edge

Have you ever wondered what that means – living on the edge? I have. We all live our lives the way we see it fit. We see all kinds of things, wonderful and awful, that other people do but, in a mean time, our reality is shaped by our beliefs on what is acceptable and what is not. 346 more words


Living Life on the Edge

We’re planting a life-giving church and there’s nothing like it. It’s tough to describe everything that’s involved in giving birth to a church in a place that has a need for a vibrant, growing, healthy church. 851 more words

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties ~ Erich Fromm

I am often amazed at the similarity between the CREATIVE process and the SPIRITUAL process. To be authentic both require that we let go of certainties in life. 543 more words

Writing Prompts

Evolution's engine picking up steam

Evolution’s engine is picking up steam.

Those on the edge are entertained by a dazzling firework of opportunities.

To choose well, engaging the flow for the highest impact, the collective mind has to access collective wisdom, swiftly.

Practice, practice, practice!

Collaborative Sense-Making


My wife won’t be home all night. I have everything ready. I have bread and butter pudding. I have jigsaws. I may stay awake until 9pm. 831 more words