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Don't tell me what to do

El Guapo scoffs at el manual de instrucciones. “I like to live on the edge.”

Musical Muse Monday (Post!)

Living a Life Worth it.

(Song: OneRepublic – Counting Stars)

I made it to the top of the mountain – the peak, and I closed my eyes, filling up my lungs with the clean fresh air. 646 more words


Life on the Edge

As I (Pete) have been wrestling with the vision that God is providing for The Edge Church, IĀ have observed some sizableĀ challenges we have faced as a family. 564 more words

Aerosmith On Devil Whirl

OMG – heard this song (see below) on the old ipod I have with songs the former sister put on it. I’ll bold the lines that stood out to me, but really the whole thing makes me feel like artists, meaning musicians I hear radomly, they know something’s up. 529 more words

Human Potential