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Unrestricted Immigration and the Political Green-Left

Today’s Torygraph reports that Britain’s unregulated labour market, generous welfare system and free NHS health care are a magnet for economic migrants.  No shit Sherlock! 432 more words


Kenya receives loan from African Development Bank for Last Mile Electricity Connectivity project

Remember my post here about 10 things President Peter Mutharika could do to help Malawians? Remember the part about the Malawian government applying for a developmental loan from the African Development Bank and / or a few select countries? 271 more words


Is Low Fertility a Problem for High-Income Countries, but a Boon For Low-Income Countries?

The perceived wisdom is that low fertility is bad for national wealth in high-income countries, but good news in low-income countries. A UN report found that 54 high- and middle-income nations are following pro-natal policies, at least in part, because of their putative economic advantages. 482 more words

Richard Lilford

(What's Left of) Our Economy: U.S. Productivity Growth Still Sagging

Revised labor productivity figures for the second and third quarters came out from the Labor Department this morning, and they leave intact the basic stories told by last month’s advance figures ( 530 more words

(What's Left Of) Our Economy

The Young Underclass and May 2015

When bringing to mind the image of the struggling and vulnerable in our society the picture that jumps straight into thought is that of an elderly person. 630 more words

Economic Recovery Not Reaching the Low-Paid

A staggering 13 million people in the UK today are in poverty, a report published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation earlier this week has said. This isn’t news. 540 more words