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A Trip without the Itinerary

I’d set out, on a trip without the itinerary, that way, there’s NO hurrying along, NO schedules to take, NO deadlines to meet, I can just, wander, freely. 122 more words


My Home-Locked Summer...

…living and planning vicariously.

Caerphilly Castle. Caerphilly, South Wales. Summer 2013.

So, if it hasn’t been obvious up to this point, I’m not traveling this summer—not unless you count the odd weekend away or day trip. 614 more words

Living vicariously: into the jungle

S: Ages ago, and I mean ages, you know, when M and I were living in Papua New Guinea, pre babies, sundown yoga, gin and tonics in the pool, MSF, jungle adventures… that kind of ages ago, I wrote… 103 more words


Living vicariously: on safari in Zambia

S: Due to the turn of life’s events, our every day adventures and consequent blog posts are currently UK based and largely beautiful daughter-oriented. So, to add a little counter balance to this I’ve decided to turn adventure-based emails that I receive into blog posts so that we can live vicariously through our family and friends! 1,659 more words

Living Vicariously