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Human Dignity vs. Minimum Wage or, Where the Right Goes Wrong

Matt Walsh, the male Ann Coulter for the right (and he’s on the same path), is back at it again, creating a straw man and then hacking it to pieces. 2,144 more words


ISS Cleaners Strike for a Living Wage

Cleaners working for ISS on the East Coast mainline took strike action in Leeds today, 8th August, alongside workers at Newcastle and Kings Cross stations in their fight for a living wage. 198 more words

Trade Unions In Leeds

University President Takes $90,000 Pay Cut to Give 24 Workers a Raise

A university president is putting his money where his mouth is.

Raymond Burse, who leads Kentucky State University as interim president, will give up $90,000 of his salary so that 24 low wage workers on campus can earn $10.25 an hour. 321 more words

Local News

In Praise of….Council staff

Last night for the eighth year in a row I had to take to the airwaves to defend council staff against the amateur and incompetent attacks of the Taxpayers Alliance. 1,300 more words

University President Cuts $90K From Salary So Campus Employees Can Make Living Wage

An interim university president decided to forego $90,000 of his salary so that his school’s lowest-paid employees could earn a living wage.

Raymond Burse, who’s been Kentucky State University’s sitting president for 12 months while its board looks for a successor, wasn’t pleased to hear that some of the college’s workers were earning a minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, even though… 115 more words

The Living Wage

If you bring in a living wage businesses will put their prices up to pay for it. As prices go up to pay the living wage the cost of living will rise. 141 more words

Living Wage Statistics for St. Lucie County, Florida

When I stumbled upon MIT’s living wage calculator, I was overjoyed. I felt it gave credible, tangible evidence to my emotions concerning my level of pay. 1,068 more words

Teacher Pay