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A Fast from Fast Food Giants

It would be nice to not support companies that exploit their workforces, but it is hard to find viable alternatives or even know who is guilty of it. 595 more words

Cut Benefits to Stir Up the Skivers?

So will cutting benefits push the work shy into employment, as we are told by the UK Coalition government, or will the effect of doing this make life even more grim for hard-working employees whose meagre wages are subsidised currently by benefit payments? 88 more words


Envisioning A World Without McDonald's

Seeing the latest rounds of advocacy in NYC and the U.S. around living wage, corporate greed, and affordable quality education; I see common arguments emerging when this organizing hits the airwaves: 720 more words


Ritzy Cinema, Brixton


The Ritzy Cinema in Brixton are not paying their staff the London Living Wage yet charging customers a ridiculous price for their drinks and food.  As a customer, we should support ethical businesses. 10 more words

#Poliidiots of the Month: Oklahoma's Mary Fallin-Bans #MinimumWage Increase

Republicans love to move the people backwards except in the favor of businesses! For now on Republicans should start every speech with we the business or businesses please vote for me and never mention people. 16 more words

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