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Is this the most contented cat in the world ?  or ~

. . .  is this the most contented cat in the world.  Ginger, as he is known to all, lives wherever he pleases.  86 more words


living before eating

There’s a beautiful geographical advantage to Tasmanian farm sourced food. The ocean rumbles around the edge of the island locking the land away from pest and disease more easily than most places. 203 more words

Living Wild

Outdoor solutions right under your nose!

Cheap, effective and already on hand: Problem-solvers don’t get any better than these. Add some creativity, and you’ve got winners for outdoor life.

Cat litter jug watering can… 733 more words

The Ice Cream Man Eats Children

I’ve always liked the Ice Cream man. I like the songs he plays and the memories of childhood they evoke. I even like the little white mail van he drives with pictures of ice cream colorfully pasted on the sides. 534 more words

How many Andrés Cantores does the World Cup need?

Oh, Dios mío, I thought, I had better call 911. A neighbor across the main road was hollering in distress. I couldn’t quite make out what he was hollering, until he… 273 more words

Living on a heart shaped island - and crossing the ocean.

This gorgeous spunk is my husband of six years and we live on a heart shaped island. We have roots in Tasmania and have scrunched the sand from other shores between our toes, having crossed the ocean and come back again as if by tide change. 222 more words


How dry I am, how wet I'll be ...

California’s drought isn’t a secret. It’s been up in lights on freeway billboards. Water agencies have tucked pleas to cut back into envelopes with bills. … 480 more words