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Guest Post: The Importance of Keeping Active as you Age

Just as it is important to keep learning throughout our lifetime, it is important to stay in shape and stay mobile. Just as you spend your evenings reading or doing a crossword, one should remember the importance of walking or riding a bike. 560 more words

Living With Chronic Illness

Greater than the SUM

I have been hesitant to write for a couple of reasons over the past few days:

One being- My ‘oh so optimistic outlook’ has been quite diminished on somewhat of a daily basis, and there is a part of me that really wanted to believe (and also show the world) that it is possible to ‘thrive’ at all times through this situation. 2,000 more words

Biotoxin Illness

"Walk, and by walking, make your way"

“….because stars are only born out of chaos” OSHO

Back in the day, when intellect was my strong suit, I went through a 5 year long obsession with mathematical philosophy (and chess), I actually claimed mathematics was my ‘religion/spiritual path’ because it made sense to me on a deeper level than anything else ever had. 1,680 more words

Biotoxin Illness

Parenting a child with a chronic illness

This is an edited version of a talk I gave at the Addison’s Association Queensland meeting.  My brief was to explain why I set up Towers of Strength. 1,230 more words

Children With Chronic Illness


I decided to blog about what I am grateful for as I sit here on a Saturday night.  It’s just after 11pm and I have just gotten home from dinner with 3 of the best friend’s a girl could have.   428 more words

Living With Chronic Illness

Revelations from an unintended vision quest

I have been thinking  a lot about how the universe REALLY wants us to be on our path (whatever that may be for each individual) and how we get hit, nudged, pushed or thrown.. 1,385 more words

Biotoxin Illness

In all my glory, here I am.

You know your life has gotten extreme when you are super excited to sleep on a cot with a little foam pad about a half inch thick, with no blankets and no pillow (My blankets got contaminated with mold and hand washing and drying is a couple day process). 1,903 more words

Biotoxin Illness