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10 Insights on Invisible and Mysterious Illnesses

Just look around. Chronic illness is rampant.  It’s so sad.  We’re managing illness rather than preventing it.  Autoimmunity is on the rise. We might be living longer, but not… 980 more words

Thoughts And Insights

Step by Step

For the past two weeks, I have been trying out a rather rigid routine for the dogs that has required me to walk a great deal more than I was. 482 more words

Life With PLS

Stepping Back to Move Forward

One of my strengths is that I view the world in terms of what is possible.  One of my weaknesses is that I don’t focus enough on what is.  605 more words

Living With Illness

Day 234 "The Pause"

Yesterday, I decided to pretend that the disease I suffer is not present.  Just for one night I wanted to take a break, be normal, live life. 211 more words

Diabetes - A day in the life

The Allen County Public Library has many books about health and disease on its shelves. Since November is National Diabetes Month, I am going to focus on type 1 diabetes.   760 more words


The Gluten-Free Question- Is it just the latest fad?

If you have been following recent articles you may agree but is it really just that?

In a recent article by Candie Borg Cardona the issue of gluten sensitivity versus Celiac Disease is brought to light and along with the very real issue of marketing to people’s ideas of healthy rather than providing a healthy product. 670 more words


5 Things to Keep In Mind When Talking to Someone with Chronic Illness

 How you can maintain good communication and relieve tension in your relationship.

When people we love are sick and in pain, we want to wish them love and encouragement, offer support and motivate them to be hopeful. 176 more words

Living With Chronic Illness