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The Gluten-Free Question- Is it just the latest fad?

If you have been following recent articles you may agree but is it really just that?

In a recent article by Candie Borg Cardona the issue of gluten sensitivity versus Celiac Disease is brought to light and along with the very real issue of marketing to people’s ideas of healthy rather than providing a healthy product. 670 more words


5 Things to Keep In Mind When Talking to Someone with Chronic Illness

 How you can maintain good communication and relieve tension in your relationship.

When people we love are sick and in pain, we want to wish them love and encouragement, offer support and motivate them to be hopeful. 176 more words

Living With Chronic Illness

When It Feels Like You Have Done It All

Learning to stay hopeful as you experience frustration and exhaustion from living with arthritis.

Living with a chronic illness, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis or lupus, can be very frustrating. 239 more words

Living With Chronic Illness

"You are inflexible!"

I have been asked several times in recent months about my seeming inflexibility with spontaneous activities.  I haven’t had a good response because it is something that feels complicated to explain. 581 more words

Life With PLS

Guest Post: 5 Things I Wish People Understood About Having A Chronic Illness

Today I’m very excited to bring you a guest post from Caroline at The Little Things Blog. You may remember that Caroline allowed me to post on her blog back in September.   710 more words

Chronic Illness

Trifecta Taboo Trash

I have started writing this blog over at least five times.  Then I remembered that I am the girl who gets on a full elevator and refuses turn around to watch the floors light up above the door.  658 more words

Life With PLS

But You LOOK Good - Invisible Disabilities Association - IDA


A must read for those who have heard the
But you look good
phrase coutless times in their lives in spite of the emotional and physical turmoil deep down inside… 13 more words