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Limitations, Energy, Blah blah blah

Sometimes when I say I don’t have time, what I am really saying is that I don’t have the energy.  While time lately has been a bit scarce for anything except dogs and work, I am not sure I have the energy for much else either. 508 more words

Life With PLS

Changing My Routine

This week I read a newsletter written for women with chronic illness, and I was inspired to try a different approach to my mornings. I put more effort into my routine by showering, moisturizing, fixing my hair, putting on a bit of makeup, and wearing a cute (and comfy) outfit. 496 more words

Simplicity, Self-Care and Ruby

Ms. Ruby has arrived into the household of Duke and The Tawny!

While the dynamics are quite different from those between Duke and Amore, it has been a relatively challenge-filled weekend for me.  502 more words

Living With Illness

Catching Up and Checking In

It has been a while since my last post, and I apologize for that!  It certainly isn’t because I haven’t had anything to share with you, but have had very little energy left to compose anything coherent. 505 more words

Life With PLS

Happy Birthday

This week is my birthday  and I have a couple of little celebrations planned with a few of my friends and hopefully my body will cooperate and behave so that I am able to enjoy this week.   372 more words

Living With Hope

Why Learning is so Important to Healing

I facilitate a dissertation support group call for those embarking on this exciting journey of academic exploration. I love the group experience because I get as much as I receive, and it keeps me in the loop with emerging thought leaders. 420 more words

Coping With Chronic Illness