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What Does the Word "Survivor" Mean to You?

We all attribute meaning to words based on the context in our lives. The word survivor has been bestowed upon those who live with a chronic or life-threatening illness. 378 more words

After The Diagnosis

Holding on and letting go...

Living with a neurological can be difficult – at times, it can be bearable, with symptoms although constantly present, they are however manageable.

At other times, however, symptoms are out of control; life feels as if you are on a battlefield –  your condition and its symptoms are at war with your brain and the rest of your body. 598 more words

A Simple Update

I themed my 2014 Simplicity back in January.  In those posts, I also shared that there would likely be dog crises, healthcare crisis and other unforeseens that I would do my best to simplify.  513 more words

Life With PLS

Once I Knew a Woman...

She was living each day as if it was her first.  She was trying new things, and marking things off her list that she had wanted to do but never took the time to do before she became ill. 280 more words

Life With PLS


I reckon the sporadic blogger is back!

My body needed some extra time to recover from my outpatient surgery experience last week, so I gave myself permission to take the week off from posting.  245 more words

Life With PLS

A day in the life - when you are trapped in your body

I’m writing to you about an average day for me – mainly because it is anything but average. I post poems and short stories about certain aspects of my life but never really tell the story – I’m going to correct that now. 1,181 more words


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Nothing I can say will ever match what Belinda says in this post on www.busymindthinking.com. So just read.

The Rabbit Hole

Those lucky enough to share my friend myalgic encephalomyelitis know only too well the depth of the rabbit hole that is ME/CFS.

Before I was diagnosed, I knew of ME/CFS.  475 more words

Losing A Past To Find A Future