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Baggage Happens

It really doesn’t matter where you have been, what your diagnosis is, what your prognosis is, what you have gone through in your life, or any other thing.  434 more words


Down and Dirty Truth?

The concept of mindfulness has become quite the buzzword in the last decade in both professional, spiritual, and self-help verbiage.  I am not sure whether it has become overused as a concept, but I feel certain it is not used enough in our day-to-day lives.  570 more words

Life With PLS

Following My Dreams (with POTS)

*A happy photo of me going to a wedding (before the craziness of this week began)*

After surviving a week of the stomach flu in our household, I am very ready to put my energy into being grateful. 682 more words

We Walk This World As Pilgrims

We’re familiar with the pilgrims of the Middle Ages struggling to make it to the Holy Land. They overcame many obstacles, fought wars, and hopefully in the end found peace. 497 more words

Coping With Chronic Illness

Trifecta Taboo Trash

I have started writing this blog over at least five times.  Then I remembered that I am the girl who gets on a full elevator and refuses turn around to watch the floors light up above the door.  658 more words

Life With PLS


Today I am writing on my front porch with a cup of coffee in my hand, looking at the bright yellow mums on the table in front of me. 525 more words

Reflecting on the Big Ol' Uh Oh

It has been a week of hyper-awareness since the freak out.  I don’t think it was in a negative or harmful way, but more in a way of being more aware of how I do tend to take my body for granted sometimes. 479 more words

Life With PLS