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The Artfully Packed Suburu

How I drove across country–twice–hauling my coffee-maker, three suitcases, office supplies, yoga mat, tennis rackets and swim gear, a leather couch and my great-grandmother’s claw-foot oak table with 6 leaves… 900 more words

Decluttering Sentimentalism

Decluttering for the sentimentalist… oooh, that’s not an easy thing to do. You know of what I speak, yes? That ratty sweater that you’ve had since High School (but it still fits after two kids!), the street artist portrait of you and your husband from your honeymoon (but he hates it, so it will never go on the wall), that thingamabob from Great Aunt Sally that you can’t find a place for no matter how hard you try… but you can’t get rid of these things! 926 more words



My efforts to become a minimalist seem to have stalled lately. I’m not back-tracking, there have been no shopping binges to replace all of the crap I cleared out, I just haven’t made any progress lately. 420 more words


The Purge: laundry/mud room

First of all, I just realized that the titles of these “purge” posts may conjure images of a suspense thriller movie that came out earlier this year. 911 more words

Living With Less

Poll: You tell me. Is size really important?

Have you ever pondered size?  Many retirees who decide to make a lifestyle change wonder just how big is big enough?

Housing decisions upon retirement for some can become the forefront of discussion.  879 more words


The Purge: Books

Yes, yes, you read that post title correctly. I went through my precious books.
In this process of purging, I have been very forceful with myself. 883 more words

Living With Less

The Purge: Kitchen Edition

The kitchen, in my moving experiences, is one of the places that seems to fill up more boxes than I ever thought imaginable. I liken those cabinets lining the walls to Mary Poppins carpet bag: they are bottomless. 750 more words

Living With Less