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Tiny house simplifies life

Illness led her to downsize–drastically

The Resale Evangelista

I have a “thing” for tiny houses.

That’s always been true, though I think their pull is stronger at the moment as I’m selling my current home–which is not so big. 370 more words

Our Tiny House

It surprised me to learn that a home like ours is not only considered small in some western nations, but could almost pass for a… 429 more words

Simple Living

The problem is: my clothes are OK

I have a problem: the majority of my clothes are OK. I recently tried out items that I hadn’t worn in over a year and asked my partner to rate them on a scale of 1 – 5, with 1 being awful and 5 being amazing. 189 more words


The Blessings Of Living Simply, Part 1

I was one of those people who thought she didn’t have much.

When Drew and I moved from our one-bedroom apartment to our four-bedroom house three years ago, I told people we didn’t have much to move. 355 more words


Less is more

Choosing a life of simplicity does not mean you must live an austere life. No one is telling that by “buying into” simple living, that you have to sell all your possessions, shave your head and live out the rest of your life in the mountains of Nepal. 644 more words


Junk to Treasure

Where does it all come from? Another box of stuff ready to give away! About a year ago I started to clean out, organize and get rid of excess stuff, and buy only necessities. 

Simple Living

The Baldy Beardy Lifestyle Spring Clean

I’m on a mission to change the course my life.

I have a dream of living a more fulfilling life, one that I will not look back on when I’m old and grey in the beard and rue all the missed opportunities. 677 more words