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Blog 39 - Find your river

Blog 39
I went to a wedding last week, it was my special nephew, Andy and his beautiful partner Amber. Sometimes when couples get together I am sceptical but Andy and Amber are so matched.They are creative, ambitious but they have the feet on the earth. 532 more words

Living With MND

Blog -38 - The warm wind of friendship

I am in Dorset after a six hours journey, it was uncomfortable as I haven’t got a bottom! The first night we stayed in a yurt, it had a clear window in the roof, we had a view of the cloudy night, no stars unfortunately but the wood burner kept the atmosphere cosy. 634 more words

Living With MND

Blog 37 -Awareness Evening of MND

Blog 37 – Awareness Night of MND
Last Saturday we had an awareness evening for MND, my friend Angie and her family initiated and did the work. 556 more words

Living With MND

Blog 35. - T he Northern Star Team was shining

We had a wonderful team for the ‘Midnight Walk’ for St Anne’s hospice around Manchester city centre. We had 32 individuals donned with the shining star hats for the Northern Star team and the wheelchairs were donned with lights (thanks Angie). 830 more words

Living With MND

Blog 34 - The alternative birthday cake

I am 54 now I didn’t think I would get to my birthday but I am still living with MND. My birthday was so special as Ruth had a idea to make me a flower cake as I can’t eat cake. 524 more words

Living With MND

Blog 33 - Peace in the body prison

Blog 32

I have been to Portugal which was a treat from my sister Sue and my niece Nicola. I had a good rest in the sunshine. 492 more words

Living With MND