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I'm making the decision, today, to live.

And I don’t mean in the sense of choosing not to die.

I have come to a point in my life, being 26, that I spend more time chasing after the things that I want that I don’t need than I do just living my life. 297 more words

A Grey & Gold Absolutely Beautiful Nursery — My Room

Name: Not born yet! (Any day now. )
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

We decided to keep this baby’s gender a surprise, so I wanted to go with something gender neutral. 40 more words


Here's an Idea—Drink Lemonade

Lemons from life, and all the optimists say:

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

Where does this lemonade go?

Someone’s gotta drink it; might as well be me. 7 more words


Badass Lover: Smoke it All In

I’m a badass lover. I’ve got nothing but 10 cents to my name, and that doesn’t even matter, because my love will take me far enough. 199 more words

London Mayor Backs Delivery Drones — Design News

London Mayor Boris Johnson has issued a challenge to tech startups — figure out how to use drones to ease the city’s congestion. "All this Internet shopping is leading to a massive increase in white-van traffic dropping this stuff off,” he said. 20 more words


Harlequin Mexican Tile — Maxwell’s Daily Find 11.28.14

Harlequin Mexican Tile

• from $1.25


I saw this pic at the Casamidy site (Sollano Space) and almost jumped it was so beautiful. Strong contrasting zig zag stripes behind a stove are so unusual and so sensual. 84 more words