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Fall off the wagon, and it will run over you

I’ve been regularly tripping and tumbling for so many years now, every time I pick myself back up, I do it with a sad feeling that tells me it’s only a question of time until I fall again. 116 more words

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Youth and Students' Payments and Allowances

Here are a few Australian Government Schemes for Students:

ABSTUDY – Helps with costs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians who are studying or undertaking an Australian Apprenticeship. 191 more words


With a shovel or a stick...

Back last summer, Mr T and I found ourselves with..drum roll please..an allotment.

Yeah for some of you that is not anything to be excited about and if I’m honest I had mostly forgotten that we had put our names down on the waiting list. 465 more words


Check Out These Beautiful Flowers in Blocks of Ice — Design News

Botanical artist Makoto Azuma transformed a warehouse into an art gallery with stunning floral bouquets frozen inside blocks of ice. “Flowers will show unique expressions that they do not display in everyday life, by placed under such a different environment,” said Azuma, who also recently sent flowers into space. 7 more words



The way we move from A to B has changed a lot since the up come of technology and nanotechnology. Segways, mobile wheelchairs and the motorized bicycle has made it a lot easier for all of us to come to places. 273 more words