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Life With a 'High Needs' Baby

We’ve known since Little T was tiny that he is what Dr Sears describes as ‘high needs‘. At 13 months he has never fallen asleep in his own bed or without being rocked. 910 more words

Little T

The Albatross

I created no albatross
Around my childrens neck
The bar I’ve set is not so high
These thoughts are strange
When you think of it…

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Architecture of the Heart

My wife, Jan, and I love architecture. Lately we have been watching You Tube videos and doing photo searches of Gothic style cathedrals from around the world. 800 more words

Apostolic Thought

The Monsoon Wedding

Ralph was at Joe’s to meet the proposed boy for his daughter Samaira. Since they were in a long period of sorrow, 963 days to be exact, and had to get over it, a wedding celebration was the better way out. 614 more words


Moments in the Making

As a 21 year old who is four short months away from graduating college, the glorious day I have anticipated for close to ten years, the looming date seems like more of a doomsday to me now than a day of celebration I once thought it would be. 470 more words

A Little Complication Called Drugs

It is a peculiar characteristic of human beings that the moment we afford ourselves a bit of leisure we find ourselves on our sick beds. How many times has a vacation brought on the worst of infection or a most vicious cold virus? 429 more words

Life Coach

Top Beds: French Wing, Dwell Studio, Malm & Five More — Maxwell's Daily Find 01.29.15

French Wing Bed

• From $1,975

Restoration Hardware

A Belgian linen bed that just embraces you while you sleep, I’m a big fan of this someone dramatic interpretation by Resto. 36 more words