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How to Live

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual… It just doesn’t. It’s a lottery; where we are born, who to, how we are raised.
All the way along, the things we are taught & the experiences we have shape who we become. 330 more words


US Cuba Relations - Giving Peace a Chance

The change in relations between the US and Cuba is a positive and good thing. Pope Francis demonstrates how benevolent organizations can actively pursue a better situation for people. 77 more words



Live for today
You might not know what happen
It might rain
It might snow
You might have caught a cold
You might have fought with your family… 117 more words

Be Myself Again

‎Wednesday, ‎December ‎10, ‎2014

Then they let me be myself
And i wouldn’t understand how
They keep talking to me
Tell me, how should it be… 103 more words

People talk about how wonderful the world seems to children, and that’s true enough. But children think they will grow into it and understand it, and I know very well that I will not, and would not if I had a dozen lives. ― Marilynne Robinson

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