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... "less is more"



Whatever “the” cause I hope that Andre Johnson finds BETTER for himself. “HOW” someone decides that an “edge”  needs examined, to the moment of ‘launching’ the self, is a location I hope to avoid. 112 more words


I’m walking a line between the road and the rail
Where the colors of life appear worn and pale
An encumbered plot constricted by scale… 162 more words


Excuse Me, I Just Farted!

Everybody, I mean everybody gets gas. No matter what you like to call it – pooting, tooting, farting, passing gas, giving an anal salute, ‘dropping a bomb’, SBD (silent but deadly), cutting the cheese, letting one rip, stink bombs, breaking wind, you name it – it happens to even the most dignified and sometimes at the worst possible times. 455 more words

The True

“The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.”
(Oscar Wilde)

Be careful, please ~ You can visit Etsy after having clicked any picture.
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Think of Prince Albert piercings, Bowie knives and Mt Everest. These wonderful things will forever be synonymous with the men they’re named after. While no doubt Freud would have something complicated to say about this kind of thing, it cannot be denied that having the worlds highest mountain named after you would be great for the ego! 229 more words