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White Jeans

I have been known to disparage white jeans, especially on an older woman. So as it happens when I wore this outfit, I raised the eyebrows of a white jean loving friend who’d clearly taking umbrage at my previous criticisms. 186 more words

Daily Style

Twitter turns on Liz Hurley over bikinis for children

Liz Hurley has been accused of sexualising children with her inappropriate designs.

The Twitter storm began when the actress tweeted an image of her latest children’s swimwear line at Harrods. 173 more words


One more time....Liz

I hate mondays, I really do…the only good thing about that day it is when it is over….but this Liz’s painting is not over yet, still missing something or maybe it is just that like a young teenager who pin on the wall pictures of his favorite actress, singer or model, I just can’t let her go….maybe I should start another painting of her, but It just came back to my mind that I already have two paintings of her going now, so maybe I should at least finish one before getting to another of her…in the meantime the latest version…. 265 more words


Ohhhh what to do on this lazy saturday afternoon...

2014-03-22 Samedi, Saturday

Ah what should I do today, feeling a bit very lazy…maybe should just start by showing a new version of this Liz’s painting… 245 more words


She's coming that Liz?

Well it’s about time isn’t it? for me to show a pic of Liz’s painting, enough saying it is coming, varnishing the painting and so on, so even If I am quite tired tonight, as usual I try to post something on my site JMR-ART, and tomorrow I will be hiding in front of my computer, during lunch time, so much for socializing…, trying to catch a bit of time while eating my great lunch, to post on WordPress, Blogger and other things on the net, sometimes I feel it is almost like a drug, no I prefer drugs, soft ones, like beer, and…ah leave the reader in doubt….:), I did not inhale it, can’t say that about beer and wine….:), so the pic… 197 more words


M comes after L, if I remember right...

If I remember correctly my alphabet, and luckyly it is the same in english and french, M comes after L, so I guess, by logic, the Comtesse Monique painting’s should follow Liz Painting’s, so I move the Comtesse painting ahead of my line of painting waiting to be reworked…and then I remembered that the last time I did notice that the drawing, or positionning of her body was wrong, or not quite what it should have been, I should know by now that before moving too far, I have to make sure that the drawing is good, but sometimes we do not manage to do what should have been made right…and of course, logically, I sometimes mess my drawing, so I decided to take a few steps back, which mean redrawing alomost completely her body, this time trying not to push too far the details, get the shape right before going further…I should know that, actually I know it, but doing it is more difficult…so a few backsteps, to be ready to move ahead soon…. 500 more words


So! Bye February, hello!....LIz

Happy to say bye to February…and never come again thanks…not so bad, I like winter, but by the end of that month my love for winter has passed, can’t say the same for this painting of Liz Hurley, this is a four seasons painting, I could imagine myself painting it for years to come…that’s something that I known to be able to do….by the way don’t try to look at the translation to see if you get in french too, it is not quite, or not at all the same story, except for Liz painting that is…:), in french I was talking about being tired at the end of the week, wearing confortable shoes or old very old sneakers, and being tired and drawned again to paint LIz because I love it and not feeling like trying anything else, so now it is ‘translated’…:), and eventually there will be place for another one of my muses, I wouln not get tired of showing post after post of this painting, but you, you may get tired of it…have to think about the others sometimes…you and my paper or computer models… 326 more words