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Sleeping beauty.

I came into this 3 day weekend with plans of grandeur. A clean car! Garden! Work out! Cook 100 meals from scratch to freeze!

My lofty expectations have fallen flat. 230 more words

Am I Weird Or What

‘No, I Don’t Like to be Tickled' and Other Things I've Had to Say on OkCupid

I didn’t actually say that. I just ignored the message from the “cool, funny and fun to hang with” 42-year old who asked if I was “into any aspect of tickling” in his first message to me on OkCupid. 680 more words

Landing day: August 30th

Excitement is really the only cure for jet lag–and thank god I’ve got a surplus of it.

After a tearful good-bye to my cat Friday afternoon I zipped over to O’Hare and boarded my 8 hour flight to Frankfurt where I had a layover to catch my final plane to Bergen, Norway. 337 more words


'I Want To Go To There': 25 ‘30 Rock’ Quotes We Still Think About Every Day

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret: the UPROXX staff basically only talks to each other in The Simpsons and 30 Rock… 409 more words


How to Dress Like "I Gave Up"

There’s a look we’re all guilty of sporting, whether it’s in the privacy of our own home or at our local gym. It’s a very distinct getup where comfort overpowers style and sometimes even personal hygiene. 869 more words

Forever Alone

A Little Knowledge Is Not Only Extremely Dangerous...It's How I Can Be 100% Certain I'm Mortally Wounded

If you’ve ever been on WebMD (or really, anywhere on the internet), you’re probably aware it’s only a short matter of time before you come to the conclusion that you have somehow contracted Dengue Fever and Lyme Disease and have an inoperable nasal tumor that is going to grow into your brain causing you die in 24 hours from dehydration and lacerations.   371 more words