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The Problem with Losing Weight…

Don’t worry, this post is not going to be a woe-is-me, I’m skinny now and need to buy new clothes post.

Though, uh, none of my summer clothes fit, you guys, for real. 992 more words

This Is Real Life.

stop kissing me.

Remember the Close Talker on Seinfeld?

So I work with this person at the OK Corrall who insists on coming that close. Except the person also likes to share a two-cheeked kiss when we see each other. 329 more words


Why 'The Mindy Project' Fails at Everything It Attempts

When Danny and Mindy got together a few episodes ago on The Mindy Project, the reaction from fans rivaled that of New Girl’s Nick and Jess shippers. 1,099 more words


30 Rock Rocks!

I watched all seasons of 30 Rock last summer. It’s an absolutely brilliant show, I almost forgot how great it was until last night I decided to watch a couple of episodes because there was nothing good on TV, and I’m kind of mad at… 94 more words

TV Shows

Liz Lemon thought she could have it all, it took a while, but she got what she wanted: a husband, kids and a job as a writer. 558 more words

Since it was raining all day...

Since it was raining all day, I didn’t get the chance to be outside and experience as much awkwardness as usual, so I thought that I would substitute my own lack of an awkward experience with some Liz Lemon quotes detailing the extent of her awkward experiences. 200 more words

April 2014

Diary of a teenage TV addict

So it has occurred to me that I am addicted to watching TV shows.

Last year I started watching 30 Rock (the best show EVER in my opinion), and it left a hole in my life when I finished it, so I started another show, and soon enough, I had watched Parks and Rec, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Community, The Office, Arrested Development, Gossip Girl, Brooklyn Nine Nine, countless random old episodes of SNL, repeats of 90′s sitcoms everyone has seen 100 times, Freaks and Geeks and god knows what else. 353 more words