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Shiny Happy People

My friends and I grew up in suburbs of NJ. We had pretty typical suburban experiences: Girl Scouts, hanging out at the mall entirely too much and working various jobs in the retail and restaurant industries. 328 more words


Who do you compare yourself to?

The comparison game has become a whole lot easier these past few years. We used to have to wonder what someone was doing with their time. 978 more words

30 is the new 20?

I really hope not.

As I close out the final month of my 20’s, I don’t even think I know what that means.

Will I all of a sudden need a fake ID again? 515 more words


My Spirit Animal

There are all these people I wish could be my spirit animal and they almost are/kind of are but not.

Like Liz Lemon. I would love to say she’s my spirit animal. 163 more words


Little Victories

It is officially two weeks into 2015, and ironically, my lack of posting has been due to lots of writing I’ve been doing – doing, but have yet to finish. 497 more words

About Jay's Life

Geekly Links: 5 Things for Friday

Hello sweeties and happy Friday! If you need something to fill your fangirl cups this weekend, might I offer…

Your weekly Cumberfix: Benedict discusses baby names and photobombing… 101 more words

Benedict Cumberbatch

"Drama is like gay man Gatorade"

Usually, I am the type of person that likes to watch dramatic/documentary shows because of the insights I get from it and I just love to analyze the shit out of behaviors and emotions (see: psych major), or as Jenna Maroney points out, it’s my Gatorade!!! 143 more words