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Marie Charles, the one client I really wanted!

Once upon a time, Charlotte had a socialite problem. Moreover, Marie Charles was the problem. From fights at Uptown hot spots to stripping down for PETA, I really wanted to rehab her image. 59 more words

Teresa's warning. . .Rumor Has It teaser

But that’s neither here nor there. I hate corruption and dirty tricks.” She focused a cold stare on Liza. “Don’t be a dirty trick.”

Teresa Flores believes in her candidate and will do anything to protect him. 21 more words

When Chante and I headed to TV: Rumor Has It tease

Liza and Chante sat in the studio of WCNC waiting for Ramona Holloway of Charlotte Today. They both loved Ramona, and when she’d asked for a comment on the situation with Robert, Liza talked her friend into going on the popular local show for a live interview. 19 more words

It may be wrong, but I want Jackson Franklin

Pre Order Today! 

Liza smiled and nodded. She started to chime in, but she felt Jackson’s eyes on her. She looked up and they locked eyes.

91 more words

Song of the day: The Fire We Make

After the first time Jackson’s lips touched mine, this song ran through my mind.

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Cheating in the boardroom. Rumor Has It teaser

Want to know what it’s like to find out the man you love like a brother isn’t who you thought he was (in my Denny Green voice)? 284 more words