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Little Peanut wanted to grow!

So my little dragon is definitely getting bigger


Meet Sergio!

Sergio is the Norma’s Villas handyman! He’s been known to cut open coconuts for our guests if you ask nicely! He caught an iguana today. (Don’t worry, we let him go!

Costa Rica


Is this our office pet…?

We have Woodstock the Lizard in again, on his annual holiday. Basically, when Jo goes away in the summer she brings in Woodstock, her pet lizard comes in to be looked after for two weeks. 225 more words


Lizard Lady - Colored

As promised, here’s the color version.

I think she came out pretty spiffy, personally :D

Character Designs

Lizard Lady - Linework

I’ve been meaning to draw this little fella for ages :D

I unfortunately no longer have the link that I pulled this image from, but I DO NOT OWN IT.   71 more words

Character Designs