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Life Cereal? Llama Burrs? What do they have in common??

Oh my gosh…the 1970s Life Cereal commercial was just played out in the back pasture!!

Scene… 4 llamas munching away, all of them are filled with burrs. 163 more words

completed astronaut baby mobile

Over the weekend I finished the astronaut baby mobile for my co-worker.  You can see it’s very beginning here.  I reviewed the proto-type with her and after getting her feedback, the below is the final result.  30 more words


Tortillas & Suavitel

Here is an inside look at my personal life…


Throwback Thursday : Macchu Picchu & the Llamas.

Last year this time I was preparing for 2 weeks of a lifetime!

3 of my bestest amigos and I packed our bags ( some bigger than others!) and went to South America – a blitzkrieg of Argentina, Chile, and Peru. 38 more words


I’m two weeks into my Ecuadorian adventure – and struggling. How in the world can I compress everything I’ve learned and experienced into a neat little blog post for you? 527 more words

Words....straight from the Llamas mouth!

No, silly. Llamas can’t talk but if they could they’d say “We want to go back to Peru and walk the Inca Trail because it’s so much nicer than being kept in this pen with funny people staring and wanting to touch us.”

234 more words

Peru Adventure - Machu Picchu

Until you’re standing there, surveying the whole of the place, you can’t comprehend how big Machu Picchu is. That was the first thing that struck me. 1,618 more words