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Wherein The Pajari Girls (and Danny) See a Man About a Camel.

Can you tell I just read A Girl of the Limberlost again?? All the chapters have titles like this. :)

So, yeah. My sister was introduced to this guy named Wally, who is in the petting zoo business and was downsizing. 752 more words

Cook's Country Connection

Lares trail to Macchu Picchu

Lares trail to Macchu Picchu

We set off in our little bus at seven in the morning, to the town of Lares. The bus driver played music which sounded like a combination of country and Latin, which progressed to fully blown jaunty peruvian folk music with pipes, bells and men calling out the lyrics cowboy style. 2,523 more words

South American Adventures: Day 11 - Colca Canyon to Cusco

The journey from Colca Canyon to Cusco was lengthy, yet broken up with plenty of stops to enjoy the beautiful views along the way. We wound our way through valleys and mountains, dusty roads and lush villages. 80 more words

And now pronking!

Yes, it’s a new word to me as well!

As I have been intimating previously, today is the start of my mother from London visiting us here in Oregon.   583 more words

Core Thought

Death By Llama Gazing...

I recently read the chapter in my Managing Stress class about humor therapy as a means to control stress in one’s life.  They had a scale of the different kinds of humor and how effective they were at curbing stress.   581 more words


The Royals are like Bat-Wielding Llamas

Disclaimer: I’m still new at this whole blogging thing, so I apologize if it ever seems like I’m rambling on without ever actually saying anything. With that said, let’s talk about llamas. 481 more words


Men's Yoga - Summer Update


There was some waffling on my part about the schedule for the last week of July as it’s Benton County Fair week and my kiddo is quite active in 4H.   311 more words

Men's Yoga