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Crazy About Camels

With the January weather, you might find yourself wishing you lived someplace warm, like the hot deserts where camels make their homes. But even though camels live in deserts, that doesn’t mean that they never have to face the cold. 181 more words

Fun Facts

Gone Goats

“Great.  Predators.” our neighbor sighed when we announced soon after we moved here that we were bringing home goats.

I was puzzled, “Goats are not predators.” 1,058 more words


Salt Mines, Skeletons and Stone Ghosts: Bolivia's Salar De Uyuni Part 1

“Your brief stay on the planet Earth would not be complete without a trip to Bolivia’s hauntingly beautiful Salar De Uyuni.”

That’s how I’d start the chapter dedicated to Earth in a galactic guidebook for cosmic travellers – but the statement could easily apply to permanent Earth-dwellers as well.

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World Of Weird Territories

Day 7, or I keep accidentally spilling water on my carpet

January 27, 2015

I forgot to take a picture of the yoga studio again. Instead here is a photo of the courtyard of the building I live in. 1,179 more words


Update on Life

The first week of school is over! I think I’m going to enjoy my classes even though I am regretting majority of them. After the second day of class I realized taking all biology classes was probably not a smart idea. 238 more words

Sisterhood of the World Award

I was in the middle of cleaning the kitchen and watching Revenge and decided I needed a quick break. I hopped back on here and saw that Gema from… 1,155 more words