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SOCL Sends First Report From Space - Insilico Infected

Brave citizens like Nyusha (nyushazoryana), help clear the streets of infected.

SOCL has sent their first report from space with the news of Insilico, where an infectious disease has broken out. 71 more words


Sharpen Your Pencils

We continue now with our reflections, posted earlier (here and here), on the legal and business issues that arise when a fashion business is formed and run by two or more venturers: 596 more words


Getting Along--And Getting Away With It

As we noted in an earlier post, one of the most familiar teams in fashion is the designer and his business manager, such as Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé. 585 more words


You Expect Me To Talk To Lawyers?

So much has been written and said about partnerships. Who can forget these one-liners?

“In business, if two partners always agree, there is one partner too many.” 608 more words

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Choosing and Protecting a Name for Your Crowdfunding Business

Names matter, even for a local business, but they matter a great deal for a Crowdfunding business, where your customers know you only from a distance. 563 more words