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The Anglo-Saxon custom of calling strangers by their first name

An odd custom has taken hold in the Anglo-Saxon world: Calling strangers automatically by their first name. lonewolf is not sure, but the custom probably began in my home country of the United States, whose social graces, while charming, sometimes go too far. 471 more words


Relativising Murder

Meet Lloyd Blankfein.

Lloyd is 60 years old, lives in New York, is married, and is richer than your wildest dreams.  Almost a decade ago, in 2006, he became the CEO of Goldman Sachs.   1,111 more words

Russell Brand

Goldman Sachs and the mystery of ‘revolving door’ bonuses

Would you prefer bankers to be doing “God’s work,”—how Lloyd Blankfein described the role of banks in 2009—or the government’s? And if a banker does government work, is he also, somehow, doing God’s work, and therefore deserves celestial pay? 784 more words


Rules for Rebelion

Rules for Rebellion

1)Corporate media will reflect views approved and
created by the dominant financial power.

2)Corporate media will always heighten racial
animosity because perceived racial inequality… 372 more words