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Slither (2006) - Movie Review

Growing up in the 90s as a fan of horror and science fiction movies, some of my favorites were and still are such films as, … 586 more words

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Deep Fried Interview: Return to Nuke 'Em High cinematographer Justin Duval

Troma, that New York-based bastion of unabashed bad taste, has been around for nearly 40 years, but the studio remains best known for a pair of mid-1980s movies that mixed the satirical and the scatological – … 1,873 more words


Pucker up trash can of humanity 'Apocalypse Kiss' movie review

We have a feeling the name Christian Grillo will be know to us for sometime. He already has a nice amount of features and shorts to his name but after viewing Apocalypse Kiss the sky is the limit for this talented filmmaker. 578 more words

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Taru Bloodsucking Freaksin herrasta

Vaaran merkki hoidettu, Yksinteoin hoidettu, Hellströmin kronikka hoidettu. Elokuvateatteri Orionin Stranger Than Fiction -esityssarjan viime vaiheet ovat olleet tapahtumarikasta ilotulitusta, eikä Apollo-elämäntyöpalkinnosta ilmoittava puhelu DocPointistakaan ehkä enää tulisi yllätyksenä. 1,156 more words

DVD Review: Vinegar Syndrome's Lust For Freedom - Eric Louzil

Vinegar Syndrome digs up a somewhat obscure piece of my own misspent youth with their restoration and release of Eric Louzil’s Lust for Freedom.

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Film Jive Special #16 - "Nuke 'Em Jive Vol. 1"

In this episode of the Film Jive podcast, co-hosts Zach Betonte and Andy Swope discuss the films of the cantankerous independent production company, Troma Entertainment… 141 more words

Film Jive

Return to NUKE 'EM HIGH Vol.1 (Troma/Anchor Bay Blu-ray) - Reconfiguring the Radioactive

Dr. Jimmy TERROR of  DOCTERROR.COM will be joining us as a resident guest writer for an undetermined amount of time. Be prepared to have your eyes written shut with the pre-history and post-apocalypse of HORROR. 984 more words

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