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Why Short Stories Rock

A short story’s usual one character, one twist plot, can be transferred to the big screen for critical acclaim, without a lose of detail or change in story. 340 more words

Nếu biết trăm năm là hữu hạn

Chỉ là một cái tựa sách, chưa đọc qua, nhưng lướt web lòng vòng thì gặp khá nhiều. Rồi đâm ra suy nghĩ.

Nếu biết trăm năm là hữu hạn, cớ gì ta không sống thật sâu…?

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I just love my mom! Don’t you dare to do otherwise!


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All You Need Is Love

Love is amazing, it cannot be compared to any other human emotion. Most of you would of heard this very famous quote ‘Love Is What Makes The World Go Round’ This statement I whole hearty believe is true apart from one little factor….   359 more words

Sorry, but we're busy moving houses

So, as you can see, we don’t have much time for blogging these days…