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Finding Forgiveness and Freedom Through the Gift of Love: Guest post by the inimitable Klay S. Williams

“Clinging creates the bricks and mortar with which we build a conceptual self.”–Michael Singer

For you regulars at the party of this blog, it’s no surprise that a) I love all the friends I’ve made here in cyberspace b) I love supporting fellow creators and spiritual seekers and c) I’m leaving the country here in about 3 hours. 1,057 more words

Law Of Attraction: Basics

You might have read a lot about the Law of Attraction recently (commonly referred to as LOA in shorthand), made popular by its newest informational incarnation, The Secret. 549 more words

Positive Thinking

Kok Dia Bisa Lebih Sukses Sih??

Sering kita mendengar orang yang bermula dari pegawai, sukses menjadi pemilik usaha

Menabung, membuat produk sendiri, sehingga dia memutuskan untuk berhenti bekerja

Mungkin ada kita pernah melihat bahkan mengalami cerita itu… 207 more words


Reflection: A Peaceful Mind Guides My Steps

A peaceful mind guides my steps.

A peaceful mind paves the path that lies before me. Everything becomes easier when I calm my thoughts.

I try my best. 260 more words

Law Of Attraction

Food for thought.

You will notice that those who speak most of prosperity, have it.
Those who speak most of health, have it.
Those who speak most of sickness, have it. 100 more words

It's too late to undrink the kool-aid

“Pain is purposeless, without a cause and with no power to accomplish anything.”–A Course in Miracles

WordPress tells me that this blog post is my 200th since I began blogging 15 months ago. 340 more words

Making Room for Loving More

In my personal experience, I’ve found these things to be true:

  • When I drop my “agenda” and simply be present with people, I love them more.
  • 108 more words