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Why Email Needs to be a Part of Your Marketing Mix

By Sue Brady

Email is like that old loyal friend that keeps on doing right by you. It might not be as sexy as other online marketing tools, but it’s just as important. 460 more words


It’s the End of the Q1… How Did You Do?

We know what you are thinking: how is it already April? After all, you are still exhausted from all that Black Friday/Cyber Monday activity and you haven’t even begun to think about the impending sea of e-commerce traffic that starts all over again in just a few months. 286 more words


Three Seconds of Your Life!

I consider myself an impatient person. I like things now and on time. I hate to wait for things that I shouldn’t wait for such as someone in front of me at the stop light texting and not seeing the light turn green. 440 more words

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