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Australian political web sites - what involvment is encouraged or enabled? #NET102

Looking at the political sites listed in the study package, select two to visit. What type of political involvement do they encourage or enable? 498 more words


Google Is Shocked -- Shocked! -- by Hollywood Studios’ Lobbying

Google took aim at Hollywood’s lobbying arm Thursday night, accusing the Motion Picture Association of America of leading a “secret, coordinated campaign” to revive controversial… 337 more words


The Two Kinds of Capitalism

Original post date: February 12, 2014
Article by: Ben Douglas

The term “capitalism” is often thrown around in American political discourse without a specified or coherent meaning. 547 more words


Should FPL customers pay for the company's 'lobbying' efforts?

Homes, businesses, institutions and even farms need to keep the power on. So we have a compact with the electric company. It keeps the power coming, and we keep… 512 more words


"From the very core of our being, we simply desire contentment."

Lets get something straight, I don’t prepare any of my writing. You get to read my, mostly, unfiltered thoughts. Mostly, only because I have thought about this very big subject for around a decade. 420 more words

Mysterious & Mysteriouser

Every observer of Government or politics has been flummoxed, sometime, by a decision: unable to envisage how it came about.

It might be the winner of a tender, the rejection of a development proposal, or a tweaked policy or program, but we shake our heads and ask “ 246 more words