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Google adds drones to growing Washington wish list, lobby filing shows

Google for the first time included “unmanned aerial vehicle technology” on a list of its lobbying objectives, suggesting the company has growing ambitions for “ 269 more words

How to convince the world that vaccines are the ultimate evil. Step one: Buy yourself a Congressman

What do you do if you’re in desperate need of some sort of validation about your misguided, uninformed, fraud-driven beliefs about vaccines? Do you fund more research into vaccine technology and how to make it “safer”? 748 more words


Regulating Lobbyists: Hardly

Australian State and Federal Governments pretend (e.g. here) to regulate lobbyists: all they do is create red tape, illusion and loopholes.

The biggest issue is that… 193 more words


State Capitol Buildings: A Never-ending Hobby

Here’s a site sure to interest anyone in lobbying…

State Capitol Buildings Are My Never-ending Hobby, Site Index. Fascinating facts about all 50 state capitols and capitals. 19 more words


A few words about food security

This morning I’ll be heading to the Food Bank to volunteer.  Not working full-time gives me the opportunity to donate my time to some very important causes in our community – this is one.   190 more words

Village Of Burns Lake

Unless That Collective Impact is also a Government Lobby . . .

How Small Businesses Affect the Future of Sustainable Sourcing


. . . those SMEs run a high risk of having to invest even more into sustainability when the government regulation engine starts revving up.  11 more words

Government Fury

Lobbying 101.4: Why Lobby

Why Lobby?

All elected officials, from the president of the United States to city council members, hold their positions because they won a majority of the votes cast in an election. 362 more words

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