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Les agences de comm’ règnent dans l’ombre


La Suisse a aussi ses «spin doctors». Un métier où l’on évolue dans l’antichambre du pouvoir et qui rapporte gros. Les lobbies de l’industrie et de la santé sont d’excellents clients.

Press Review

Corinthian Colleges Continued Lobbying During Negotiations With Dept. Of Education

You can’t say they didn’t try. Corinthian Colleges Inc. – the for-profit college operation behind chains Everest, Heald and WyoTech – spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for lobbying right up until it was announced that its… 475 more words

Balensifer Lobbies Congress, Comes Back With Hammond Marina Conveyance

Warrenton, Ore. — Warrenton City Commissioner Henry Balensifer announced Congress mandated the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to transfer ownership of the Hammond Marina and boat basin to the City of Warrenton. 442 more words


Lobbyist…not a four letter word!

Guest editorial by Sarah Speed

Lobbying…in a time of government gridlock, it feels like the root of all evil doesn’t it? Imagine slick haired, shiny shoed salesmen stalking the halls of the legislature preying upon good intentions and campaign promises, vying for the biggest yacht, the priciest dinner, and the deepest pockets! 634 more words

Frankie Boyle letter about BBC in full

Courtesy of The Telegraph:

Obviously, it feels strange to be on the moral high ground but I feel a response is required to the BBC Trust’s cowardly rebuke of my jokes about Palestine. 588 more words


Fracking Brussels: A who's who of the shale gas lobby

Published by: Friends of the Earth Europe, July 2014
Author: Rachel Tansey
Editor: Helen Burley
Coordination and contributions: Antoine Simone, Natacha Cingotti, Samuel Fleet, Paul de Clerck… 568 more words


One Million Net Neutrality Comments Vs. $42 Million in ISP Lobbying

Net neutrality advocates have passion on their side — last week the Federal Communications Commission announced it had received a total of 1.07 million comments about its controversial fast-lane net neutrality plan, which would allow Internet providers to charge content companies for prioritized service to subscribers. 30 more words

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