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Brisons les règles

De retour de Silicon Valley, la nouvelle C.E.O. de Belgacom s’enthousiasmait de la liberté d’entreprendre qui y régnait. Pour illustrer son propos, Dominique Leroy prenait en exemple la start-up 23andM, dont l’activité consiste à décoder le  code génétique humain pour anticiper les risques de santé. 175 more words


The Perry Indictment: Not So Farfetched

Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted August 15 for engaging in what most Americans think of as politics as usual — or at least usual as practiced in Texas.  782 more words


"Why Lobby?" Encore

One day you’ll get cranky about something Government has done, or not done.  Or, you’ll want something from Government: attention, a decision, a contract … 106 more words


Former prime minister Joe Clark lobbied for French infrastructure fund

Former Prime Minister Joe Clark registered to lobby the federal government on behalf of a French private equity firm that hoped to help build a replacement for Montreal’s Champlain Bridge. 407 more words


Where Do We Go From Here? On Ferguson

47 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. asked what Black people — and all Americans — should do with the freshly minted political power promised to them by  the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.   1,149 more words

The Forum

President Obama Creating Executive Orders

Behind Closed Doors, Obama Crafts Executive Actions – NY Times

This is a red flag. I know on occasion that presidents create executive orders – in fact Obama has created less than Bush and Clinton even though he still has over two years to go, but the main problem is stated in the article… 177 more words


Should the NFL Keep the Blackout Rule?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently been under pressure regarding the NFL’s sports blackout rule: While politicians are pushing the FCC to eliminate the rule, the NFL is lobbying to keep it in place. 85 more words