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Rice and neighbourhood

This is Hong Kong. Supermarkets don’t reflect much about who we actually are, how we actually live. That is a fabrication – of who the corporates want us to be, want us to choose. 209 more words

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Telecom giant Huawei doubles down on Ontario

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei announced Friday night that it plans to almost double its investment in its Ontario facilities, creating 325 new jobs in Ottawa and elsewhere. 494 more words


Commercial aviation: 100 years aloft

Man’s first powered flight, the Wright brothers’ wobbly jaunt at Kitty Hawk, N.C., in December 1903, flew a shorter distance than the wingspan of a Boeing 747 — 120 feet in 12 seconds. 1,767 more words

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Airlines plan to cut carbon emissions

“We are leading the way in environmental responsibility,” said IATA president Tony Tyler. “There isn’t another industry in the world that’s going to do that.” 440 more words

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Actors, directors love airplanes

Movies have been infatuated with airplanes practically since flight began. The list is long and began early, starting with Wings in 1927 and Hell’s Angels in 1930 to Denzel Washington’s Flight in 2012. 240 more words


The world's first passenger flight

Percival Fansler was the fledgling airline operator; the flying boat was made by Thomas Benoist; Tony Jannus was at the aircraft’s commands; and Abram C. Pheil was ensconced in the passenger seat. 127 more words

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Futuristic aircraft conceptions

Boeing may or may not be working, with the Pentagon, on the B797. Or is it the X-48 unmanned aerial vehicle? Or the BWB — blended wing body? 512 more words

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