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User trends in local and mobile commerce in India

Now that the Findable app has been out for a few weeks, what can we extrapolate from the response regarding user trends in local and mobile commerce in India? 440 more words

Findable App

The State of Local Commerce in India

Local Commerce is quite the buzzword in Silicon Valley today. From startups such as Foursquare and Groupon that were posterchilds of the US tech industry before becoming the ignored foster children to sustainably successful companies such as Yelp, the local commerce space is still open to innovation and disruption. 288 more words


Mobile Commerce in India - 2014

The winners in Mobile commerce today seem to be the Flipkarts or the Snapdeals of the world – that is, e-commerce players with mobile apps. Though obviously these players will continue to drive a lot of transactions on mobile as their web users move to the mobile apps, I believe that players who really leverage the real capabilities of the mobile platform will redefine the space. 26 more words


Findable - A Local Shopping and Delivery Focused Mobile Application for India

Findable is India’s first and leading local shopping and delivery focused mobile app. It allows users to search for and order products from stores around them. 416 more words

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