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Gemini Life Surfers ~ Feed the People tour

We are heading to the West Coast again very soon… And this time we will be feeding people fresh local food for free along the way.   145 more words

Fruit and vegetable bags for Northlanders

I am working on a distribution system for increasing fruit and vegetable production, supporting local growers and encouraging a local food movement. Here is a video to promote the idea. 26 more words


Living in Intentional Community

In March of this year our little family made the move from small town to intentional community at last! We had dreams of living amongst a group of like-minded, radically sustainable, egalitarian kinfolk for the past few years and when the perfect space made itself clear to us, we moved on in. 1,232 more words

Local Food Movement

The Minimum Wage and the Local Food Movement


Having just read the book One Summer by Bill Bryson, I am appalled at how dreadful many say the “good old days” were. By profiling the events of the summer of 1927, Bryson chronicles an incredible time in American history. 734 more words

When it comes to food it's all about the local!

Eating locally

What does it mean to eat locally and what are the benefits? Eating locally simply means minimising the distance between production and consumption. For example when you buy from a farmer’s market or from a co-op you are eating locally. 492 more words

Eating Locally

At Rest in Michigan

What does an avid locavore do when on vacation in upstate Michigan? Look for local food of course!  

But then, you might also wonder why I would wind up in Michigan anyway? 325 more words


Spring on the Farm at Oran Mor

Good morning! We just finished up all the morning chores… chickens, ducks, and geese are out. Guinea keets have been tended, fed their organic starter grains and probiotic supplements. 207 more words

Local Food Movement