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Completion of six homes given the go ahead in Knockshee

BWH Developments Ltd have been granted conditional planning permission by Louth County Council to complete six houses at the Knockshee estate on the Old Golf Links Road in Haggardstown. 83 more words

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Go ahead given to convert St Brigid's Hall into a house

An Bord Pleanála have decided to uphold Dundalk Town Council’s decision from February of this year to grant planning permission to turn the former community hall at St Brigid’s Hall on the Point Road into a house. 101 more words

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Review: Place Matters: Metropolitics for the Twenty-First Century

In Place Matters: Metropolitics for the Twenty-first Century (2004), Dreier, Mollenkopf, and Swanstrom argue that economic segregation in America’s metropolitan areas exacerbates the effects of economic inequality and diminishes the quality of life for poor inner city residents. 2,013 more words

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What is adequate community consultation when it comes to major planning decisions?

The rezoning proposal in Drouin (C108) being decided by the council next week is a great example of planning on the run and should be reconsidered. 486 more words

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Amendment 7

When I was in high school, the main route I’d take to get from our house to Priory was Clayton Road. It’s a major arterial stretch of road that was either 3 or 5 lanes in the stretch I was driving it, depending on which section I was in. 565 more words


کوئی غلط فہمی میں نہ رہے 14اگست کو فیصلہ کن جنگ لڑنے جارہے ہیں، عمران خان

پاکستان تحریک انصاف کے چیرمین عمران خان کا کہنا ہےکہ ہم فیصلہ کن جنگ لڑنے جارہے ہیں اور 14 اگست کو صرف جلسہ کرکے واپس نہیں آئیں گے تاہم 14 اگست سے متعلق کسی کو کوئی غلط فہمی نہ رہے اس دن جو بھی کریں گے پاکستان کے لیے کریں گے۔


The circus continues

After reading an article in our local paper we
feel compelled to address a few of the issues that
were mentioned.

It would seem that Alderman Boom believes the… 249 more words