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Common Weal North Glasgow Meeting Attracts Big Crowd

A few days after the referendum I wrote about how in many ways we had won. I had come to realise that if you want to change things you need to start from the bottom up. 60 more words


Bjorn's Ceilidh - Concordia of the Snows Investiture

Investiture of the new Baron and Baroness of Concordia, Jean Paul and Lylie, took place on Saturday among the festivities of Bjorn’s Ceilidh, our celebration of the Celtic New Year. 241 more words


Smiling About Politics: Common Weal And The New Grassroots

One of the pleasures of the independence referendum in Scotland has been the conviviality with which total strangers have bonded over a political idea. Before and after the vote, I have met people in meetings, rallies, campaign events, pubs and cafes, or just walking down the street, who have engaged with me for no reason other than they want to share what we obviously have in common – a desire to reform Scotland’s democracy. 1,269 more words

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Pushing Forward Not with Certainty

By Robin McAlpine

Letting go is so much harder than clinging on. It’s a skill I’m having to learn after 20 years working in the media and in politics, places where strong central control tends to be assumed. 1,026 more words


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A New Shire in the East

During court at Crown Tournament yesterday, the East Kingdom seneschal formally announced that the Incipient Shire of Hadchester, having formally met all the requirements, is now a full fledged Shire. 93 more words

Local Groups

Pilgrims in Sheffield ask: What makes a Good Society?

Our local group in Sheffield held their sixth annual Pilgrimage Against Poverty on 18 October.Sara from the group shares some reflections. 578 more words

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