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カーランド AE86 Special Shop

When I was told about a workshop specialized in only AE86 I was a little surprised. But the it just took me about 10 minutes to find some information in internet to know where to go. 315 more words

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TM-Racing ~ Spanish Honda Specialist

Yo readers! I hope you are doing it well!

First of all, I would like to say that what you will see cannot be compared to what you use to see in this page or the others. 204 more words

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Nominate your ‘local hero’  

At RDG 4 ME, as you know, we believe that small changes make big differences and we’re impressed with the amazing acts you – our followers, friends and Facebook fans do to make a difference. 182 more words


That racer in the City

I consider the third generation of Civic the real father of tuning for Honda. From early 80′s this car has been used in whole country for racing inside and inside the tracks.

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A mother, her son and the lack of Autism Awareness in our Canadian schools and society.

In Canada and it’s cities we pride ourselves on the great deeds we feel we do for others in need in our society. We pay taxes so that we have universal health care, clean and safe streets and equal access education for all of our children. 900 more words


Mark X. Sitting right

Japanese sedans are so cool, and in many occasions they are never available for sale outside the JDM country. The Mark X is one of my favorites, one of them because the Crown is probables the most desirable sedan for sale here.

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