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'Training for War': What BTEC Subsidiary students will be doing 2014-15!

During the Great War (1914-1918), 20,000 men from all over the commonwealth lived and prepared for service at an army camp in Shoreham. The site is now known as Buckingham Park. 344 more words

Work Experience

Kernels of Conflict: Farmers, Canners, and Environmental Knowledge in Maine's Canned Sweet Corn Industry

Cody P. Miller, Ph.D. Student, University of Maine

During the sweet corn season of 1915, the Maine Department of Agriculture had been “frequently reminded of the superiority of the Maine grown product.” This was evidenced “by letters received from manufacturers in other states asking how they might legally label their goods and still intimate to the consumer that their products were in some way identified with the state of Maine.” [1] Since the 1860s, Maine had consistently ranked as one of the top five sweet corn packing states in the country, and remained so through the first half of the twentieth century.[2] Grocers and wholesalers from California to Georgia lauded the superior quality of the Pine Tree State’s golden kernels. 723 more words


The Cucking Stool at Wootton Bassett

While browsing through the contents of archive.org I came across a copy of The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine, Volume I, 1854, and my eye was drawn to a chapter “On Certain Ancient Wiltshire Customs” by F. 651 more words


California: A Health-Seeker's Paradise?

With the Homestead’s Victorian Fair coming up this weekend, along with a favorable weather forecast, our Collections Coordinator Michelle Villarreal has Victorian health on her mind. 384 more words


Trees We Love

From citizen recommendations Heritage Caledon has put together another highly informative booklet on the municipality’s prominent landmark trees.  Featured are trees connected to the Town’s history in varied and interesting ways. 197 more words

Local History

One Way To Look At It

This item ran on page 3 of the June 15, 1893 edition of the The Chatham Record.

The boy’s version: “I saw a train today. It was little but then it got big.”

Local History

Summer Postcards

At the turn of the 20th century in the summer months many people looking to escape the heat and pollution of Toronto came to Bolton and the surrounding area to enjoy the natural setting and fresh air. 699 more words

Local History