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End of the hack

Veteran hacks are being replaced by grinning postgrads and local rags are no longer the best route into journalism.

It’s no revelation to anybody inside the industry, but the conclusions of an… 597 more words


A dark day for social media

Earlier this week the horror of the death of James Foley was brought to social media. I was shocked and upset by the way social media was being used. 408 more words

Stand back and watch

Regular readers of my blogs will know that I am a strong advocate of the benefits of social media. I have written many times about the positive things it brings to modern life when it is used to good effect. 341 more words

Why local journalists need to make sure substance wins out over style in the General Election

With a general election only 10 months away, attempts to set the battlegrounds are coming thick and fast from those with the most to gain from next May’s vote – the Westminster politicians themselves. 1,038 more words