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Police suspended for lost military weapons

Close to 200 state and local police departments in the United States have been suspended for losing military-level equipment transferred to them by the Pentagon, a new investigation found. 450 more words


Anti Government Violence to Wind Farms

Anti Government Violence, Wind Farms, The Pentagon, the militarization of the local police, & Hyundai’s Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle out now!

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Ferguson and the loss of social trust

Brian Kaller is an American who grew up near Ferguson, MO, and now lives in rural Ireland.  This is from a good article he wrote for… 628 more words


National Day of Rage - Solidarity with Victims of Police Brutality - Protest Against Growing Police State

It should come as no surprise that at the same time our right are under siege by an oppressive elite ruling class, we are also building a militarized domestic police force. 588 more words

Local Police and Much Else Will Be Militarized As Long As Federal Government Is

Source: washingtonsblog, by DavidSwanson

Groups on the ground in St. Louis are calling for nationwide solidarity actions in support of Justice for Mike Brown and the end of police and extrajudicial killings everywhere.” 524 more words

Police State

Military gear to local law enforcement

The events in Ferguson, Missouri this week are an uncomfortable reminder of the militarization of America’s small town law enforcement agencies. The photos coming out of the town–of heavily armed officers in full combat gear squaring off against unarmed protesters–look like images we’re used to seeing from places like Gaza, Turkey, or Egypt, not from a midwestern suburb of 21,000 people. 605 more words


The Making of a Police Officer

For over twenty years I was a freelance photographer. In the mid-sixties when I moved from New England to Westminster, California,  I worked nights at a paper company and took pictures during the day. 727 more words