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The Hangover Platter - Breakfast Delivery - South West London

Granted, it’s a first world dilemma but don’t you hate it when you wake up in the morning after a heavy night, there’s nothing in the house to eat, and your belly sounds like an angry bear? 448 more words


Quick Hollandaise

The prefect Sunday breakfast for me is farm fresh eggs, good home-made bread, home-grown spinach and this luxurious quick hollandaise sauce. This is the epitome of home-grown, home-made and locally produced that is the philosophy behind atasmaniankitchen. 358 more words

Local Food Producers

Sweet Potato & Chorizo salad with Calamari

This is a brilliant summery dish I have been making for at least 5 years. Originally found in a Delicious Magazine, the recipe by Tom Kime has been transformed into a Tasmanian delight using local chorizo from Mount Gnomon Farm, locally caught calamari purchased from Mako at the wharf, limes from family and asparagus, onion and parsley from the Kitchen Garden. 515 more words

Local Food Producers

Full steam ahead for Slow Pig

Some people become addicted to smoking whilst others get hooked on chocolate or even something a little less sweet but a whole lot harder. Some people find solace in the bottom of a bottle while others find it in a credit card, but for some, the allure of pigs is far more appealing. 771 more words

Local Producers

The chicken or the egg?

Sometimes Anth and I sit back and are a little surprised as what we have achieved on our plot of land. The Kitchen Garden is looking amazing and should be so productive over spring and summer that we can be self-sufficient in vegetables. 444 more words

Local Food Producers

The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Company

The simple sandwich has been the snack of choice for centuries. Ever since that ravenous Earl of Sandwich ordered his valet to bring him a slice of meat encased between two slices of bread, ultimately leading to cries of “The same as Sandwich!” from his peers, the sandwich has become staple fare. 617 more words

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