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Forms Of Childhood Trauma That Only Imaginative 80′s Kids Could Appreciate

I generally hate “listicles” as I associate them with millennials, but I was feeling nostalgic and reflecting on some repressed childhood memories… so here are some common frustrations experienced by children of that fantastic decade, the 1980′s: Read more.

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Video Pick: 'Chanukah' (Shake it Off)

‘New York City-based a cappella group Six16 released a Chanukah song set to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off.’


Merriam-Webster Announces Its Word of the Year


That is Merriam-Webster’s word of the year for 2014. If it sounds awfully broad, that is because the editors based in Springfield, Mass., rely more on hard data than feeling to choose their lexical time capsule. 366 more words

Connecticut's approach to high speed internet

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut is taking a slow approach to super-fast internet.

As of last week, 10 Connecticut municipalities have committed to an initiative inviting telecommunications and other businesses for ideas to build and finance Internet service of up to 1,000 megabits per second. 92 more words


There Are 328 People Named “Abcde” in the US?

We’re not kidding: In 2009 alone, 32 babies were anointed with this strikingly alphabetical name.

Is this reckless parenting, or the perfect way to give your daughter a head start in learning how to read? 31 more words


What Are McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets Made Of?

Is it real Chicken? Is the whole chicken used? Those ‘pink slime’ pictures, is it really an ingredient of Chicken McNuggets?

One of the biggest questions about McDonald’s food is about what goes into our Chicken McNuggets, so this guy visited Tyson Foods, one of McDonald’s suppliers to get you answers.

Do you believe it?


Another Parody Twitter Account Takes Aim at Bristol

“The Onion…Bristol” is another parody account that has popped up on Twitter.

The account describes itself as “Home of the most cutting edge fake news tweets available in Bristol and the surrounding region. 91 more words

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