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11 truths: The Ugly Side of Mumbai Ki Baarish

No matter how much you romanticize monsoons, how many pretty pictures you take, how many days you spend with music & coffee by the window being poetic, the ugly monsoon truth remains unchanged. 482 more words

Traffic : The fulcrum of a Mumbaikar’s Quality of Life

Mumbai is a city famous for the fact that it never sleeps. But today we can say so because an average Mumbaikar spends long hours ranging from… 894 more words

what do you think?

i watch others, like me,

packed in this compartment,

of the local train,

going at 80 kmph,

from Churchgate to Borivali,

sitting hither tither,

standing at the door, 50 more words


The Train Journey

          If you are thinking this is one of the essays which we wrote in fourth or fifth standard, you are wrong. This is not something which you can find in any text book or anywhere on the internet. 1,394 more words


Straight from the Notepad: Life in the Big City

After a long tiring day in many shades of grey, this writer decided to sit down with a notepad in yet another one of the many cramped places. 136 more words


There is nothing cute about Mumbai locals

A recent short video on Mumbai’s local trains has been doing the rounds, with people sharing and re-sharing the video to celebrate the “spirit” of Mumbai. 1,097 more words

The India Diary

Day 11: Feeling Nostalgic

5th June, 2014

I don’t know what to write here this day just didn’t had anything special. I went to office, I came back and now things are getting boring, I feel like it’s just another day in Mumbai where I go to work, I come back minus all those important things that I am missing here in Delhi. 202 more words