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Are our parks in Crisis?

It is sometimes forgotten that the National Trust’s founders cared deeply about access to green space for people in towns and cities.

Octavia Hill wrote: “In pleading for the inhabitants of our towns we are asking for no aristocratic luxury or exceptional superfluity, but for the restoration of some faint reflex of what our modern civilisation has taken away from the ordinary inheritance, to which as citizens of the fair earth, they were born.”

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BLOG: Job Centre Plus isn't working ...

When this Government came to power Tory MPs voted to pass on the responsibility for paying council tax benefits to local authorities which meant that Councils across the country had to face stark choices on a national policy turned local.  993 more words

The Labour Party

Are the people who call other people NIMBYs, Idiots?

Lately there has been a renewed outbreak of politicians, journalists, political commentators and professionals calling people who resist building on green belt land as NIMBYs. Being called a NIMBY is a… 804 more words

Planning is Boring

Since starting this blog, I’ve struggled to consistently find anything to say, hence the lack of any kind of regular posting schedule. The truth behind that is quite simply that planning is boring. 395 more words

Quiet Acts of Heroism

All around Weavers ward (and much beyond) you can find acres of flat green lawn surrounding tower blocks and social housing. Nothing much happens on them except dog walkers and industrial mowers that come and give them a close hair-cut.  249 more words

The rise of localism

Globalism and central control is coming to an end.

The first of a series of debates on Scottish independence from the UK took place yesterday, the vote for independence takes place next month.  521 more words


(a third part) more on the Greater Birmingham CrossCity rail network concept

Having looked at the City Edge Hubs in the previous post, I wanted to focus in on the outer city transport hubs on a CrossCity network and the opportunities for these new strategic transport interchanges to transform their wider areas. 466 more words