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About the Portfolio: Last Minute Christmas Gift Edition (Rose Mountain Butcher Shoppe Impact Assessment)

In July of this year I was contracted by Heifer International to help them assess the impact of one of their grants.  The grant was to help a local North Carolina farmer start up a butcher shop in Lansing, NC. 728 more words

Economic Development

More for housing than Stamp Duty in the Autumn Statement

If you read the papers immediately following the Autumn Statement you’d have been forgiven for believing that the only thing the Chancellor talked about was Stamp Duty. 462 more words

Council tax relief and a referendum

The recent headlines about a vote on council tax relief do not reflect that this issue is really all about whether we should have a referendum on council tax rates. 500 more words

Brighton And Hove

Developers 'gaming' system to build on countryside, says trust

The article below by Christopher Hope appears in today’s Daily Telegraph and succinctly demonstrates how having a Local Plan in place is still not sufficient to save greenfield sites from rapacious developers, so what hope is there for East Devon which is still struggling to get its Local Plan adopted? 620 more words


Yes Jack, I am a local boy

“The local community is very important in one’s life; the feelings of identification with a place and people.“Alexander McCall Smith

“Are you a local boy?”

1,428 more words

Local Voices, National Progress

Throughout the media, you can find stories of how the people believe that the Government should do more, while at the same time the powers that be are trying to implement policy and legislation to enable the solutions to problems that the people demand. 597 more words

Charity Begins At Home

You just never know what turn of events is in store for you or how fragile is the life you believe to be set in stone, never to change. 1,515 more words

Autistic Perspective