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How local government can tackle climate change and the cost of living crisis

Do you remember when David Cameron announced that the coalition would be the “greenest government ever”? Seems like a long time ago doesn’t it? 482 more words


Scotland Decides – three days to go

On Thursday the UK could change forever.

I am instinctively in the No camp, due in part to an abhorrence of nationalism. Frankly, the concept of the nation state is an outmoded Victorian ideal. 397 more words


Communities are becoming empowered

There is a revolution against globalism and central control.

The United Kingdom of Britain is on the verge of ending; there is panic in the British political establishment; a world revolution is coming; I am excited, as I sense history in the making. 349 more words


Carbuncle Cup: the end of localism?

It’s been a busy few days for me. Since last Wednesday, when Woolwich Central was announced as the winner of Building Design’s Carbuncle Cup, I’ve been inundated with emails, tweets and requests for comment: I chaired the Greenwich Council Planning Board meeting in January 2007 at which the notorious building was approved. 1,668 more words

Is there a growing devolution appetite at last?

The Scottish independence referendum appears to be opening up what could either be seen as a real and proper debate on the potentially significant beneficial role of devolution and a new political settlement for Great Britain or a can of nasty angry worms – depending on your viewpoint. 363 more words


Local farming, groups, money, language, power

Technical bleeding edge stuff is fun, but it’s the new economic and social models that really get me going. “Off-grid” is starting to merge and encompass groups going “off-society” as well, mainstream-wise. 160 more words